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  "I'm not sure where it is now, Mr. Holmes, but I'm sure it was there when the house was built." Not that type of pipe of course, but the type of pipe that exits your home via the rooftop:  a plumbing vent.  When I first saw this "little" concern on a steep, six year old, Cape Cod style home's r...
  Check out these pictures of some wild & wacky staircases, or at least I think that's what most of them are.  It can be safe to assume that these properties are not habited by small children or the elderly, wouldn't you agree?  Me and my wife/business partner/boss especially like the plant/tree/...
The home inspection is a physically challenging job!  When hiring a home inspector, it is very important to make sure your inspector is physically able to complete all portions of the home inspection, such as scaling the roof, navigating the attic, & sliding through the crawlspace.    At ASPEC, o...
And quit praying for snow!!!  I think we've had enough already and my back can't take another day of shoveling the driveway.  Saw this on the way back from a Defiance Ohio Home Inspection and I just had to share.  In the light of things, I got a good chuckle from it.  So now I'm praying, for whoe...
You all remember good ole Jed Clampett from The Beverly Hillbillies, right? (I know you're whistling the tune right now). Well it appears that Jed's fortunes have run amuck and now Mr. "Clamp-itt" has had to take on another endeavor to make ends meet. He is now practicing as an electrician in the...
  Sometimes inspectors can find some ghastly stuff in the bathroom, especially if the house is being lived in (more-so with children).  Lack of cleanliness, irregular housekeeping, or a houseful of boys sometimes are to blame.  But the area around and behind the toilet almost always exhibits some...
We have an electrical emergency!  Maybe I should rephrase the total to Breaker, Breaker, Four!!  Because this "updated" electrical system had a whopping 4 breakers for the entire house!  Additionally, they were all 15 amp breakers!  Now there was a separate 220v breaker for the stove and dryer, t...
In addition to our Home Inspection Services, we also offer FORECLOSURE CLEANUP & PROPERTY PRESERVATION services for NW Ohio.      Services Offered: Initial Inspections Debris Removal Interior Clean Out Exterior Clean Up Carpet Cleaning or Removal Winterization/De-Winterization for Inspection Lea...
Stalactites??? Huh???? Before you read on do you remember which are which?  Do stalactites hang or do they point upwards?  Which are stalagmites?  Don't cheat..... just how good was your science teacher??   O.k. stalactites are the ones that hang.  Did you get it right?  I know you didn't scroll ...
....time to switch, pun intended (SEE PIC), gears and get into football mode.  This means eating more, drinking more, being lazier, and spending way too much time in front of the tube.  I think God created men's bodies to automatically adjust to the football season. Anyway, I saw this light switc...

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