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The ole' plumbing adage (by adding a few letters to the beginning of the title) is most certainly true and I'd like to touch on just how to help move it "down that hill".  Nothing like reading about sewage flow, no? Or you can just skip the reading, look at the pictures, leave a comment, and move...
An Ode to Summer Attics(and those who enter them)   For those not in the Inspection business you may not understand, for in the attics, the brave Inspectors dare to trek, through no man's land. After all, there's no better place in the world to be, than in an attic, when the outside temperature i...
Located somewhere in between Toledo, Ohio and Ft. Wayne, Indiana, here's five things you may not have known about Defiance, Ohio:   1.  There's a book and a movie, The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio  2.  There's a music band aptly named, Defiance, Ohio http://defian...
  In theaters this Halloween     From the same producers who brought you "The Deal Killer" and "An Inspection Nightmare on Elm Street" comes the story involving a disgruntled Ohio plumber who finally loses it after getting fed up for years with framing contractors and carpenters making his life m...
Don’t let the title of this post fool you, as it has nothing to do with flawlessness. And besides, perfection and Home Inspections cannot coexist, right?  My job and livelihood depends on proving that everyday here in Northwest Ohio. Anyway, the title has to do with the game of Perfection. Do you...
During the last decade or so, many people, including our family, have been "going green" and doing things in their everyday lives to help save, conserve, & make the world a better place for themselves, people around us, and future generations to come. A large part of this concept is energy/water ...
I'm sure we're all aware of the dangers of the Home Inspection profession including, but not limited to: roof walking, crawlspaces, and attic joist balancing acts.  However, there are some other dangers lurking out there that are encountered on a regular basis for this Northwest Ohio Home Inspect...
What do you think?  I would concur that the person behind this exterior book shelf idea had ulterior exterior motives when covering up whatever was there at one time.  Perhaps the family just did not have the room inside to store their literature.  So why not think outside the box house? Bring th...
What a great place to spend a day, and best of all, it's FREE!  It's refreshing to get the family away from the daily hustles and bustles of life and go and do something fun together, that doesn't involve technology, conditioned air spaces, spending money, or sitting around.  Our kids had so much...
We recently had the privilege of visiting Maumee's Rolf Park pool.  My wife, kids, and I all agree that it's a great place to swim & play.   It's great for all different ages, as well (I have 4, ages:  11, 4, 3 & 1).  The older kids can use the water slides while the younger ones enjoy the "jungl...

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