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  Due to the recent, overwhelming popularity of this man, I now have added the following narratives in my report system:  "Toilet is not functioning as intended - recommend Joe the Plumber fix it" "Vanity drain is leaking in Bathroom number 3 - recommend repair/replacement by the man himself, Joe...
After entering this basement on this inspection, it was determined that the light bulb/socket needed to be moved/covered for obvious reasons (also notice the knob and tube wiring).  Soon after I snapped this pic, I was down on my hands and knees looking at the water heater burner compartment. At...
The new St. Rt. 24 construction is progressing quickly with many big changes apparent already.  This new highway will bring a world of opportunity to many Northwest Ohio residences, including myself and my home inspection company.  The biggest opportunity will be having a more efficient & quicke...
Due to the overwhelming response from the first post of Do you see what I see? I've decided to just include it all in one post, this way I can keep the massive amount of comments under control.  Anyway, here's the picture, now, "Do you see what I see"?     Right away, I'm sure you noticed the ble...
It's not even winter yet, but my kids are producing enough snot right now that Kleenex had to hire an additional 200 employees to keep up with production. Who said the economy is bad?  Just apply at the Kleenex Corporation and I'll make sure you have a job for years to come.  BTW, if your easily ...
Defiance City Reservoir The reservoir is located along Canal Road on the west side of Defiance. This reservoir contains approximately 350,000,000 gallons of water with a total water surface area of 74 acres. Average depth of the reservoir is 18 feet. The perimeter of the upper bank of the reservo...
Now we all know that this wasn't repaired by a professional plumber, because when repairing different kinds of pipes you are supposed to use All-Purpose Cement in the red can, instead of CPVC glue in the orange can.  In all seriousness and for those of you who don't know, this is the epitome of ...
Bowling Green, OH Windmill Farm   These almost 300 ft tall (a 30- story building for comparison) turbines grace the skyline off of State Route 6, just outside of Bowling Green, Ohio (about 40 minutes from Defiance, Ohio). I enjoy viewing the windmills in action and often awe at their beauty, when...
    Or at least what my client saw and was concerned with when we were in the backyard.  This will be played out like a baseball game, since it's October and the World Series is near (Don't worry you don't have to like baseball, it's easy!) Each clue, will be a strike, and, of course, three strik...

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