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It's so refreshing to hear the upbeat news coming out of the media, because we Realtors all know what a profound impact the news has on the buying and selling and otherwise Real Estate related population.   I'm so excited to take listings knowing that the spring market is coming - but not only th...
The day is nearing - the new construction my buyers are so excited about should be almost complete... let's do a prelim walk-through.   Oh Horrors!  There's no kitchen, the deck hasn't been started, there's only plywood on the floor and the driveway's not in!!!   My buyer clients are, ummmm.... d...
A brand new agent was doing real estate phone duty here in our Wilbraham, Massachusetts office.  Two young men, in casual dress walked in and started chatting with her about homes for sale here in the town of Wilbraham.  One of them asked about a house he saw on Main St. and could she tell him ho...
In the days between oh... somewhere around the last days of July, and the 28th day of August, - I was checking, every 10 - 15 minutes to make sure I had a working cell phone number. I'd call myself from another phone to see if it would, in fact, ring. I suddenly felt sort of... unemployed. more o...
Saw a quote today worth sharing: In the never-ending battle between the rock and the stream, the stream will always win.  Not through strength.  But through persistence.
Even if just from an interest rate standpoint, the best time to buy is Now.   Interest rates always rise faster than they fall and who wants to wake up to find that the house they thought they could afford is now out of the question because the rates rose dramatically.   I'm one of the world's gr...
Depending on what resource I use, real estate is either making a resounding rebound or is still slumping to the tune of increasing foreclosures and continuing downward sloping sale prices.   If I use my own personal experience and perspective based on the activity of other Realtors in my office, ...
I don't know about you other real estate professionals out there, but there's something offensive to me when someone tells me they "made a killing" or are "making a killing" in real estate.   I make a nice living working with buyers and sellers in the real estate business.  I endeavor to make lif...
I love this business.   Wouldn't want to do a single other thing - well, maybe except for being the locker-room towel girl for the New England Patriots.   (do you really think you have to tell me that there's no such thing as a locker-room towel girl?  I know that!)   And yes, I still feel that w...

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