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By the way I was not treated as a telemarketer when making my phone calls.  I think the fact that I mentioned their neighbors name and address made it seem like I was not a marketing person
During day 4 I told everyone that I made phone calls to invite neighbors to my open house on Sunday.  My script was as follows:  I might be paraphrasing myself a bit.Good Morning __________________My name is Debbie Greto, I am a realtor with Keller Williams Real Estate in Media.  Your neighbors t...
Hi Everyone, Day 4 has been productive.  I made 30 calls to neighbors around my open house this Sunday.  I finalized the odds and ends for my marketing programI em.ailed listings to prospects and signed up for a 2 day course with Rick Barnes for Lead Generation.  I have never been to one of his c...
Day two of lead generation.  Well I did a little better getting up earlier today.  I left the house before nine, but I had to go to our local realtor board to exchange an electronic lock box.  got to the office about 945.  Started to look up ph numbers for the neighbors that live in the surroundi...
Okay day one is just about over.  I did three hours of lead generation.  I mailed 200 postcards to my farm area.  I contacted two FSBO's on my way to the office and I have made a list of leads from the last few months that are now cold.  I sat with an agent in my office who gave me a few pages of...
Hi Everyone, I am still getting used to blogging.  Well I started my 3 hours a day of lead generation today.  It's a lot harder then I thought.  I mailed out 200 postcards to my farm.  I contacted two FSBO's and now I am trying to up date my database and mail out info to the FSBO's.  Tomorrow I w...
I attended a Lead Generation course in my office yesterday.  It was very informative.  This means that starting Monday morning I will be working on leads for three hours.  The instructor explained to break up the time in 3 parts.  First plan who you will call, what letters, cards etc you will be ...
Looking for an unusual "save the date" for my daughters wedding.........
I'm sitting here getting ready to send out my monthly mailings to my farm areas.  I tend to send out mostly post cards,  I like to send recipes and turn clock ahead and fall back reminders.  Recently I have been reading that sometimes it's better to have a newsletter or article that is 2-3 pages ...
My only daughter is getting married in the Fall.  Planning the event has become a part time job.  Don't get me wrong .......I've been waiting to plan this since she was a little girl.  Right now we are in the process of trying to find a site for the big day.  My daughter lives and works in Phila...


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I want to use this spot to discuss First Time Buyers issues. Buying real estate can be overwhelming if you are a first time buyer. Maybe I can help clear up some of the confusion and answer questions