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Pam, I call FSBO's and make an appointment to see their home.  I tell them that I preview homes in my area so that I know the local market.  I usually have a copybook and take notes.  Before I leave I give something that I think might be of interest to the seller.  Usually this is a printout of a...
In response to Chuck.  That hour of prep includes picking who you will call and picking out scripts you might use for the calls, who gets a note, how to implement new plans etc.  Debbie
Well last week I stated I was back in the saddle again.  Guess what? I fell off!  I  allowed myself to get totally distracted for most of last week and the start of this week.  I had lots of meetings, a seminar, and classes.  Today I got back up.  We had a lead generation  panel at work where we ...
Ok, I'm back in the saddle.  I started the morning chasing down withdrawns.  I sent out hand written notes asking if they were putting their home  back on the market would they give me the opportunity to interview for the position of their listing agent.  We are going out in a bit to preview some...
I haven't written in a few days........and I haven't done much lead generation.  I could whine about interruptions but the truth is I avoid it as much as I can.  for 3 weeks I was a crazed person doing it.  I got busy then slacked off.  I have to get back in the thick of it if I'm going to be suc...
Taking the day off and enjoying the weekend.  I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and enjoy your family and friends.  debbie
Today I floundered I didn't do 3 minutes of lead generation........Well maybe a half hour.  I did put a package together and dropped it off to a fsbo.   I allowed distractions to divert me all day.  I know I have to "eat my frog" first thing when I get to the office or else I wander.  I did pick ...
I spent 2 hours today filling out just listed postcards to send out in the neighborhood where I have a new listing.  I cleaned out all my files in the office and got a little more organized.  I was sidetrack by a new agent dealing with his first agreement of sale while he was meeting the clients ...
Well today I sat an open house.  Some agents in our office decided to  switched around our openhouses so we wouldn't be sitting the same ones all the time.  When I got to the one I was doing I found out the sign was stolen.  I did have to open house signs in my car. I was in the "new me" lead gen...
I wrote the other day about taking a class on Thursday on note writing. The instuctor called the notes PAN's that stands for Personal Acknowledgment Notes.  During the class one of the things he had us do was write a note to a past client, or co-op.  I choose a friend who always puts my name out ...


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I want to use this spot to discuss First Time Buyers issues. Buying real estate can be overwhelming if you are a first time buyer. Maybe I can help clear up some of the confusion and answer questions