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Suddenly walking is in trend.  Over the last few years studies have shown that buyers are interested more then ever before in a neighborhoods walk ability.  People now want to live in areas where if they have a car they can park it and walk to local restaurants, parks etc.  I thought this site mi...
Not many first time home buyers can afford to buy their dream home when they purchase their first home.  According to the National Association of Realtors some 69% of first time buyers have to make some compromises on features when they buy.  Buying a first home is like an investment plan.  The f...
Just came back from a meeting with Ridley Township commissioners, and developer for the redevelopment of the Penn Hills apartment complex.  The meeting was held at the Knights of Columbus.  The audience was packed with residents who had lots of questions for both the township officials and the de...
This question goes out to both Realtors and First time Buyers.  Do you think there is a market for holding first time buyer seminars.  Are they a value to the buyer?  As a buyer do you look to see if these events are being held in your area.  I work with many first time buyers and I am currently ...
Because FHA's capital resrve fund is low they have announced major changes in loans,  The mortgage insurance premium (MIP) is increasing from 1.75 to 2.25 percent  Anyone with a credit score below 580 will now need 10% down payment.  Seller assist will be reduced from 6% down to 3% The good news ...
I have faithfully gone to Power Hour every morning since January 4th.  It has gotten me back to doing lead generation everyday.  It is starting to pay off with business.  This week I exceeded my goals for the week.  I have started to re-read The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, again.  I signed up ...
It is starting to get down to the wire for first time buyers wanting to cash in on the tax credit.  The last few weeks I have had lots of buyers jumping into the market before the deadline.  There is a bill trying to extend the credit into 2010 but I am encouraging my buyers to make a move sooner...
Well the one thing I learned today is the longer I am in Real Estate the more I have to learn.  Dominic Cardone (my broker) and a past president of PAR had a class this morning on short sales.  I have not been involved in a short sale yet so I learned alot from the class.  I think all the changes...
I have said it before and will say it again.  Three hours is hard to do consistentley.  This week I only had one open house with my listings.  I sat it and had two groups come thru.  Just lookers.  Our office is working on having the opens on Wednesday nights between 6-8.  I live close to the Jer...
Hi Everyone, Hope you are all eating your frog.  I have been sending out handwritten notes, mailing to my farm and making phone calls.  I had 3 open houses on Sunday.  2 agents from my office handled two of them and I did one for my newest listing.  We all had good turnouts but no bites.  I/m not...

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I want to use this spot to discuss First Time Buyers issues. Buying real estate can be overwhelming if you are a first time buyer. Maybe I can help clear up some of the confusion and answer questions