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 A Growing Concern Over Realtor Safety  Crimes perpetrated against real estate agents may not make the front page news, but they do happen. Every day agents meet with people they have never met, sometimes in areas they have never been before, putting themselves at risk to those who would exploit ...
Statistics And Attractions For Cocoa Beach, FloridaWhen considering real estate in Cocoa Beach, located in Brevard County, Florida, your next investment that consists of a full-time, or part-time living arrangement can be in this lovely Southern Florida city. There are plenty of opportunities to ...
 Listing Agents or Buyer’s Agent, who works harder for their money? The old debate rages on, who works harder a listing agent or a buyers agent? There are two checks paid at the closing, one for the listing agent and one for the buying agent. But the question is who worked harder for their check?...
Real Estate Blogging TipsA real estate agent helps his/her clients either buy a home or sell a home. To make the process successful, he or she must effectively reach as many potential buyers and sellers as possible. Social media is the new kid on the block. Consumers want and demand quick access ...
6 Tips For Every New HomeownerFor most people, buying a home will be the most expensive purchase they will ever make. Buying your first home is very exciting and nerve racking at the same time. There are many things going through your mind such as size of home, location, decoration, finding an ag...
First Time Buyers: What You Need To KnowReal estate is one of those things that can be extremely confusing and time consuming. It's easy to get frustrated, especially if your a first time buyer. Many people just jump right in and hope everything works out.It's much better to know what you're goin...
While nothing can replace a professional real estate agent when you are selling your home, there are things you can be doing that take little effort and can help expose your listing to a bigger audience. Your Realtor is already making use of social media to help widen the net to catch potential b...
First Time Home Sellers GuideWhen selling your home for the first time, everyone you talk to seems to have ideas about the best way to go about it. So, how do you know what advice to follow? What “ideas” will give you the best chance of selling your house for top dollar and, how do you make it th...
5 Surprise Pitfalls First-Time Home Buyers Can AvoidBuying a home, especially your first home, should be an exciting and joyous time for the whole family. No more paying rent so someone else can pay their mortgage, you finally have the chance to grow your own nest egg by building equity in your h...
The Top Ten Ways to Make Your Home More "Sell-able" The first impression that your home provides will go a long way in getting it sold.  With so many ideas on sites like Pinterest and other social media sites showing the current real estate trends, how do you know which ones will increase the val...

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