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Unfortunately with today's economy foreclosures are on the rise, and this leaves a home without an occupant to maintain it or someone who left it in very poor shape and or even worse vandalized the property before they left. I have seen several of them and it is not pretty, but from a restoration...
Want some advice - check the houses you list that are vacant. It is cold and going to get colder and we have seen several jobs come in due to a furnace failure and have had some significant damage as a result. Darrel Depot PuroClean Vermont www.PuroCleanVT.com 888-379-6940   
To everyone, The seller is done, they just want to close and not spend another dime - the problem. Heat must be maintained in the winter regardless of it being sold or not. Make sure they keep the tank full. If they do not, in most cases, insurance will not help in this situation and then worst c...
Smoke odor may be difficult, including smoke from tobacco. It will require some deep cleaning in order to remove the odor, not limited to sealing and painting the entire affected area. Soot it some cases can be cleaned, do not use liquid cleaners on flat paint; it will only grind in the dirt. Che...
As we move things along through summer it looks as though the rains are not going to stop. The ground cannot take any more water and neither can our homes. The key to success is to keep your perimeter drains unplugged, rugs off concrete floors and pray for some sunshine. If things do get wet, mak...
Some days are a little tougher than others in Vermont, looks like this summer is on the tough side. With all this rain you will walk into a homes and find that musty smell more prevalent than ever. That smell is moisture, from what - a number of possible sources - Water around the foundation has ...
It is that time of year again when we all rush outside to enjoy the warm weather. What is one of the first things we like to do? Wash the car of all the winter grime. Well, while you are doing that you may also be flooding your house. Why - Because during the winter your hose bib may have froze a...
It is that time of the year when furnaces cause problems and do something called a "Puff Back". When this happens black soot is dispersed throughout the house through the ventilation system. When this happens it really should be professionally cleaned. The soot can smear and etch into metals, if ...

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