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Hello, So I was thinking about how much we use checklist in our lives and professions.  When a pilot prepares for takeoff there is always a checklist to ensure safety.  When the Military prepares for a mission they use a checklist for the same reasons.  Before you go diving you use a checklist.  ...
Hello All, I just I would share this great tool with everyone to make you a better shopper.  Its free to you, but the information is priceless.  Thanks again and have a great weekend.   http://www.marketingsplash1.com/RequestHBSR.asp?ID=AXSDXTBHGFBF David
    So today I decided to step outside the box and engage the San Diego real estate agents in the REO world live.  I went to a pitch session in San Diego, were a vast amount of agents complained about REO's and the agents who have them.  Normally this occurs becuase agents are jealous of others a...
     So last weekend I decided to finally venture out and purchase  my own dive gear, after diving most of my life (everywhere really but here in California.)  For months I had been researching what I wanted and needed for what I do in the water.  In California (San Diego), seeing its "Cold" wate...
     So over the weekend as I was looking to enjoy my favorite pastime, surfing.  I realized that my passion and work profession have quite a bit in common.  Since I came to find out the similarities were so many and that most people have a short attention span I'll just share one today.      So ...
     So you may have heard of rainforest's as well as deserts.  Here is San Diego we have it pretty good in our made to believe forest of green.  Even though we do really live in a desert.  So how does this affect the real estate market in San Diego and what you can finance?      So for the last ...
     Ever wonder how much work goes into playing golf?  It looks easy and almost mindless when you watch Tiger Woods play.  But the fact is it takes hours and years of practice with a relentless drive to achieve a good game, let alone a great game.  This is what Tiger does.  He follows a schedule...
     So life is hard and not meant to be easy.  But we live in San Diego and at times it all seems so simple and easy we take it for granted.  When we take a moment though to look at everything we realize that we rely on the people all around us.  Sometimes they can either make you or break you. ...
      So when you look at surfing it appears really easy and graceful even though its really complicated.  There are so many variables and unknowns that on the surface the professional make it look like a walk in the park.  You have to take into account a learning curve and also someone who is th...

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