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David Saks is a musician, retired real estate broker, and long-time ActiveRain member. David's blog features important information relevant to the safety, integrity and security of the industry. In addition to his widely read real estate fraud blog, a comprehensive overview of real estate continuing education is a weekly addition for his subscribers and the ActiveRain community at-large. Thank you for subscribing to and for visiting David's ActiveRain home on the internet. Please join. Membership in ActiveRain will enrich your life !
    REAL ESTATE   FRAUD FILES   “Greed, by nature, which includes reprehensible acquisitiveness and one's insatiable desire for wealth, at some stage of evolution, is like an x-ray machine that exposes the filthy soul and drags the culprit of that deadly sin into hell on earth.”         ― David ...
Northern California Real Estate Investor Agrees to Plead Guilty to Bid Rigging and Fraud Conspiracies at Public Foreclosure Auctions U.S. Department of Justice April 02, 2015 Office of Public Affairs (202) 514-2007/TDD (202) 514-1888 A Northern California real estate investor has agreed to plead...
News Release -- March 28, 2015                    FEDERAL JURY ACQUITS TWO IN MORTGAGE FRAUD CASE An Eastern District of California federal jury in Sacramento, on Thursday, March 26, 2015, acquitted two defendants, Deborah Loudermilk and Buena Marshall, of mail fraud charges arising out of allega...
Settlement Agent Found Guilty of Federal Charges in Multi-Million-Dollar Mortgage Fraud Scheme Scam Involved 45 Properties and $16 Million in Mortgage Loans U.S. Attorney’s Office April 01, 2015 District of Columbia (202) 252-6933 WASHINGTON— Edward Dacy, 76, most recently of West Melbourne, Fla...
Union City, New Jersey Inspector Admits Conspiring to Rig Contractor Selection Process for Community Development Projects U.S. Attorney’s Office March 31, 2015 District of New Jersey (973) 645-2888 NEWARK, NJ—An inspector at the Union City Community Development Agency (UCCDA) today admitted cons...
Modesto Man Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Real Estate Investors U.S. Attorney’s Office March 30, 2015 Eastern District of California (916) 554-2700 FRESNO, CA— Xue Heu, 38, of Modesto, pleaded guilty today to two counts of wire fraud in connection with a fraudulent real estate investment scheme, U...
      Mortgage Fraud Blog sends me an update email once per week.   The Mortgage Fraud Blog website is updated every business day and you can always get the latest news by visiting www.mortgagefraudblog.com. Rachel Dollar is a California attorney who represents lenders in mortgage related litiga...
The owner decides to abandon the property he has listed with a brokerage. This will terminate the relationship that the broker has with the owner. True or false ? Take your time. The solution is posted below the wildlife photo. A. False  Abandoning the property will not terminate a broker-seller ...
When a real estate broker acts as the agent for the seller the broker has an obligation to disclose confidential information about the seller to the buyer if it helps the chances of closing the deal. True or false ? Take your time. The solution is posted below the wildlife photo. A. False When a ...

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