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David Saks is a musician, retired real estate broker, and long-time ActiveRain member. David's blog features important information relevant to the safety, integrity and security of the industry. In addition to his widely read real estate fraud blog, a comprehensive overview of real estate continuing education is a weekly addition for his subscribers and the ActiveRain community at-large. Thank you for subscribing to and for visiting David's ActiveRain home on the internet. Please join. Membership in ActiveRain will enrich your life !



                                   It's simple. Ask for leads. Leave your business card, your name and number and any other contact information that you can provide with the postman, your neighbors when you run into them at their gagrage sales (which might be a clue that they're fixing to sell), ...
                                                  How can you possibly close a sale if you don't believe in yourself? Don't we want to impart things to our buyers that reflect our own levels of confidence? How can there be a closing without the conviction to close firmly embedded in your purpose?...
                                                    Is it true that all buyers have weaknesses that need exploiting? When your buyer says that he or she doesn't want the place are you motivated enough to keep going? Do you believe that just because your client resounds with "no" that they can't b...
                                        What is this beast? It's adverse possession. Adverse possession is a means of, what we would call, involuntary transfer of property. An individual can make a claim to a property, take possession of it and take the title away from the owner if the owner does...
                                           The reconveyance deed is an instrument used by a trustee to give back a title to a trustor. When a loan secured by a deed of trust has been satisfied and paid off the lender will contact the trustee on the deed and request that the trustee reconvey, or r...
                                                 The quitclaim deed provides the least protection of all of the deeds that I've discussed up until now. It hasn't got any covenants or warranties and basically conveys only the interest or whatever interest the grantor may have when the deed is deli...
                                                First of all, a bargain and sale deed doesn't contain an express warranty against an encumberance. It does say that the grantor holds title and possession to the property. What kind of words are used? The granting clause usually says that so and so ...
                                            We generally recognize that the special warranty deed generally has two basic warranties : 1. The Grantor received title. 2. That the property wasn't encumbered during the time that the grantor held the title, unless something contrary to that position ...
                                             Do you know about the changes to the laws in the Federal Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988? What are some of the changes and how do they affect individuals with disabilities and families with children? Do the fair housing laws require that the same t...
                                              It's been said that the bundle of legal rights originated from the laws of merry old England. Sellers were known to transfer property by giving the buyer a small bundle of sticks from a tree, or a shovel full of earth, from the property they bought. I...

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