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A couple of years ago I blogged about a book I'd read.  Over the past couple of weeks I've been reminded of that book several times. People I've been talking with have expressed their interest in achieving, concern for achieving, and/or self-contempt for their failure to achieve excellence in all...
I JUST felt my first earthquake since getting back to the Bay Area.  This one felt pretty minor in comparison to the last one.  The last one was in '89... it was called the Loma Prieta quake.  I remember that one QUITE well! I as standing behind the main register at the retail store where I was a...
With the Copenhagen meeting coming right up, and the "Climategate" incident still under investigation, I've continued to look into some of the questions that are being debated in regard to anthropogenic global warming (AGW) (that is, man-made global warming or man-made climate change - depending ...
This just came in.  It was too good to keep to myself: What I Do Today What I do today is very important because I am trading a day of my life for it. Tomorrow this day is gone forever, leaving behind what I traded for it. Therefore I will do everything I can to assure that what remains will be: ...
A friend of my posted this story elsewhere, and I just had to share it here with you-all. This fourth grade girl thinks she is about to give a school report on where her Dad is stationed in Iraq and is surprised when he shows up for her report. Here's what that sentence looks like in real life. (...
Thanks to Lisa Spalding, I just saw this video.  I imagine you'll find it as funny and sad as me... unfortunately there seems to be at least a grain of truth to the impression.
OK, time to post another area where I think, despite screaming matches to the contrary, there really is widespread agreement.  This one is also about Health Care... specifically, whether or not the Government should be controlling our healthcare.  (I believe the real disagreement comes in when th...
It finally "happened"!  I finally got to 50,000 points! It took a while, but I did it.  And no, it wasn't just "luck" nor was it through any special insider information or skill.  It was just a matter of sticking with this.  And DOING SOMETHING from time to time.  (I haven't even been all that re...
Can we all, or at least a vast majority of us, agree that our Health Care System is not perfect, that it has flaws, and could stand to be reformed in SOME manner?  That it could be improved? This is not a place to determine exactly what manner it should be reformed, but just to see if we can agre...
With all the heated discussions (or screaming sessions) that are going on, I think it would be helpful to take a step back and affirm those things that we can all agree on.  Or at least, affirm those things that most of us can mostly agree on. Sure, there are issues where there will be staunchly ...

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