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I thought you would laugh at this. I have a  deal with local REALTOR ,transaction to close this week, she sends me phone message about twice a day? She calls my broker and wants to know why I dont call back? Little did she know I had left her messages on her phone! When asked if she had checked h...
We all enjoy the colors of autumn leaves. It seems so nice to color up the day before we know it winter is upon us. Did you ever wonder how and why a fall leaf changes color? Why a maple leaf turns bright red? Where do the yellows and oranges come from? To answer those questions, we first have to...
Looks like Congress will be extending that homebuyer tax credit afterall. First time homebuyers, known to the IRS as people who haven't owned a home in the last three years, have been frantcly trying to get into contract on a house in time to get an $8,000 federal tax credit due to expire on Nov....
 I thought with this fall weather you the public would get a kick out of this -A thick slice of moist pumpkin bread Starbucks-style is the perfect companion for your morning cup of joe. Many other pumpkin bread recipes produce sad, squatty loaves - but not this clone. Here's a custom formula that...
Drain underground sprinkler systems.  Have outdoor pools drained and professionally serviced.   Drain exterior water pipes and any pipes that run through unheated areas (such as a garage, crawl space or unheated porch). If draining these pipes isn't possible, wrap them with foam insulation or he...
 the Pacific Northwest is beautiful, October has definitely ushered in Autumn. The chillytemperatures,wind and rain leave us in no doubt that Summer is over. We've traded in ourwarm-weather for boots and rain coats, and we're building cozy fires to stay warm at home.Change is in the air. Taking o...
Mortgage tracker Bankrate.com said the average 30-year fixed loan slipped to 5.22% from 5.25% the previous week. The 15-year fixed rate also fell, Bankrate said, to 4.6% from 4.64% the week before. The 30-year rate is influenced by the benchmark 10-year note's yield, which moves in the opposite d...
  The resolution would extend the present loan limits for FHA, Fannie and Freddie through the 2010 calendar year at 125 percent of local median home sales prices, up to a maximum of $729,750 in high-cost areas. The floor for FHA is $271,050; the floor for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac conforming loa...
Congress hasr quick action in continuing these higher limits during a time for recovery in the housing market and national economy. The higher limits, along with the home buyer tax credit extension, are necessary to keep the markets moving at this critical time ! Home sales have shown significant...
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