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As we've gone through the downturn in the economy, many of our colleagues and friends have left this profession for another.  For those of us who have hung in, put into practice the things that we know will work, we will emerge and bloom just like these flowers. LaConner Washington, April
Young Buck
I saw a blog post from Sam Debord about the greater Seattle market bank owned homes and began to wonder about my immediate market.  The city of Sammamish   is a 10 year old city east of Seattle that has grown very quickly the past few years.  How does our small market compare to the greater area....
The leaves are down and the trees seem lifeless, but the sky is vibrant and alive.    
As a full time agent, who promises and delivers full service to his clients, I have to confess I struggle with down time.  When am I off the clock?  What is a day off?  Can I turn off my blackberry, not check my email and ignore the leftover items from yesterdays to do list?  Last year I took the...
Why Pay More?... shouts the headline of a local company that offers limited service listings. Good question.  I'm a consumer, I shop hard for things I buy and my wife clips coupons and generally only shops sales, so getting a deal appeals to me.  What's my answer?  Results! I took a look at the r...
I didn't create this, I heard about it on the news.  Apparently someone is selling deeds to plots in Hell.  How they came to gain ownership of these plots and who you will owe, I'm not sure.  Check out http://pandemoniumrealestate.com/ for yourself and remember, its October and intended as season...
Do you know anyone with champagne tastes and beer budgets?  What they need and what they can afford doesn't quite add up?  They need flexibility and the capacity to work from home most of the time, but periodically entertain house guests for a while.  If the room count they want and the price the...
Interesting Tool for remodeling upgrades and values.  I ran across this tool via Zillow.com and so far am impressed.  We have a very nice listing with great clients, wonderful feedback but no offers.  See here.  According to Zillow we are priced a little high, but the comps they are using haven't...
My Friend is an agent..... How many times have we met someone at a party or social event when the topic turns to real estate?  They begin describing a situation that they don't have a good handle on, but you understand it and can help.  You mention you are an agent and offer to discuss it and the...

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