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My wife and I awoke early Sunday morning.  The air was cool but the sky was clear and the sun was shining brightly.  It was one of those glorious days in the Atlanta fall, when the humidity was very low and the sky clear blue with no clouds in sight.  We decided to get dressed and drive to a loca...
Living inside Lenox Park gives me opportunities that most residents of urban Atlanta don't have.  Lenox Park is a planned unit development within walking distance of the subway and the most successful shopping and restaurant district in Georgia and arguably in the United States.  To make transpor...
Before building in Lenox Park, we lived in the Pine Hills neighborhood in Atlanta for over twenty years. I thought Pine Hills was a wonderful neighborhood.  It was quiet, safe and everyone took care of their homes, without the need for covenants.  Pine Hills was walking distance to the major regi...

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