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For those of you who market new condo projects you may have noticed that it is becoming ever increasingly difficult to obtain financing for those clients who need a mortgage.  So why the sudden change or difficulty in obtaining financing?  With market conditions being unfavorable Fannie Mae and F...
I have recently run into a string of borrowers who have been turned down by lender after lender for the purchase of investment property.  These borrowers are generally investors who have accumulated multiple properties (many within the last couple of years).  So what is the common problem these b...
In the past, credit scores really didn't have much of an impact on an FHA loan.  For the most part, there was no minimum credit score and pricing for FHA loans for the most part was one size fits all.  Those days are about to change with FHA.  Beginning the middle of July, FHA has new requirement...
For many of us, the use of Down Payment assistance programs such as Ameridream, Nehemiah, Neighborhood Gold, etc. has become a common way to help homebuyers achieve homeownership with little to no cash investment.  Last year, HUD took aim at these seller funded down payment assistance programs in...

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