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Have you recently said to yourself...   This business is too tough. Nothing ever goes right. I'm not making enough money. Maybe I should find another career.   Sound familiar? You are not alone. Many agents in these difficult times have the same sentiments. There is no denying it, times are tough...
August... a time when most of us are thinking it is slow and time for a vacation. Yes, that is true. Most real estate practitioners take time off to enjoy family and friends before the fall market gets us back into the swing of things. But there is something else that you should be thinking about...
Are you tired of your surroundings, or just looking for a change to jump start your real estate career? Do you feel that you do not get the support you need or the attention your deserve? If so, consider joining one of the top Real Estate companies in Monmouth County... Gloria Nilson GMAC Real Es...

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