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When dealing with buyers many seem to be caught up in the thrill of looking for a new home. The question many ask is how much is closing cost gonna be. My first response is to initially refer them back to their lender because when it pertains to numbers my primary job is that of a Realtor my goal...
In today's economy many homeowners are hurting and are upside down in their house. Some have tried loan modifications and many have failed at that attempt. Some have clearly just walked away thinking that is/was their ONLY options. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, and WRONG again! In the bible it says...
It's currently a buyer's market which means buyer's have the upper hand in negotiations STOP right there. Please get that thought out of your head. Real Estate is and has always been based on location, location, location. What applies in one state, city, zip code, or subdivision does not necessar...
When I get a phone call from a potential buyer who wants to buy a house and I ask what is your credit situation for some odd reason sometimes some of them say they don't know, WARNING SIGN. When I hear that to me it usually signals not good (just from my experience). Usually people who have good ...
In today's Real Estate market houses for sale are around every corner and on every block it seems. Buyer's being properly financed doesn't always seem to be. Many buyer's have not been updated as to the process of purchasing a home in today's market. I find many are using historic buying methods,...
Sometimes people try to cut corners when buying a house. One of the short cuts they try to take is avoiding getting a home inspection in the sense of trying to save money so they can do things when they move in. One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is avoiding getting a home inspection. Wh...
For years mainly since we entered into the 21st Century property taxes in the state of Maryland has gone up. In many areas drastically. Taxes had been going up for over a decade but had gone mainly unnoticed when the housing market prices skyrocketed between 2001-2005. As housing prices went up d...
Many people who buy homes these days are swarmed with solicitation from credit cards, local car dealers, and home lenders for the purpose of obtaining an home equity loan, the moment they purchase their new home. It's because the creditors know something many new home owners are unaware of and th...
Many homeowners who fall behind on paying their mortgage payments are not always current paying their property taxes. Once this happens just like regular taxes the county places a lien on the property then eventually auctions the property for a tax sale. Many people have asked me the question if ...
REO, Foreclosures, & Short Sales are dominating the housing market across the Washington, DC Area along with across the country.  Finding a diamond in the rough can be difficult but it is possible and doable.  Many investors, along with first time home buyers are out diligently searching daily an...

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