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In this currently low inventory real estate market, you can expect Katy, TX homes for sale to receive multiple offers, if properly priced. Multiple offers are great and can often drive the price of the home above your original asking price. Negotiating multiple offers is a learned skill, requirin...
When preparing your Katy, TX home for sale, there are some fix-ups that cost a lot if you do them, and some that will cost you a lot if you don't. While some of these items are not inexpensive, the return you will realize will be more than the cost of the fix-up...continue reading
Every month I receive questions about real estate situations from buyers, sellers, and people just wanting to know. I am always happy to answer them. If I publish your question, I’ll send you a gift card for Perry’s Steakhouse as my way of saying thanks for asking me. This month’s question was po...
When it’s time to sell your home, making the right decisions will guarantee your home will sell for top dollar in fewer than 26 days without leaving anything to chance. In this article, I will describe the six most important aspects of a timely and profitable home sale. Your home must ...continue...
By Dale Ross of the Dale Ross Realty Group Did you know that your Katy, TX home can be on the market but not “in the market”? So how do you know if your home is “in the market” or not? It is really as simple as showings and offers.  If you think you’ve priced your home right and you have not had ...