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As a real estate agent, you will inevitably have a client who wants or needs to buy a home before selling their current home. This scenario is complex - it requires preparation and teamwork between the seller/buyer, real estate agent, and lender(s) prior to moving forward. Here in the San Francis...
Can a LLC Get A Mortgage?A LLC, believe it or not, can be the vesting for a residential mortgage (including a primary residence, vacation home, and rental property)!You may have called several mortgage lenders asking if you can take title to the property in your LLC and been told that is not allo...
The video email service BombBomb can be used to generate business! I started using BombBomb several months ago. I am super excited about how it has helped me connect with people, and I have only scratched the surface with its capabilities! In this article I will let you know how I am utilizing Bo...
We are offering this loan program for properties in California - contact me for details! See if you qualify
The Silicon Valley real estate market has been in a seller's market for a long time. I had the opportunity to interview long time agent Lou Realyvasquez about the current market. Lou has a lot of wisdom about what is going on here - I hope you enjoy! 
You own a home. You want to buy another home before selling, but you don't have enough money to make a down payment on the type of home you want. Your down payment is trapped in your home! What can you do?I am here to help! The first thing you should do is use my buy a home before selling calcula...
You have decided to sell your home. How are you going to decide what to do with your money, and/or spend the money?  I am going to help you decide! You may have had to consider where to move, what furnishings to keep, what furnishings to sell, placing your kids in new schools, etc.,etc. These dec...
Here in the San Francisco Bay Area there are many buyers paying cash to buy a home in order to win in multiple offer situations in this very competitive market.  Paying cash is a great strategy to buy the home. The question the buyer must consider after closing escrow is "does it make sense to ge...

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