The math on energy efficiency and its impact on your comfort, finances, property and community. An eye-opening video, every home owner should watch.
Some of the most frequently asked questions by homeowners, seeking to improve their homes to make them more valuable and easy to sell, concern finished basements and their worth in real estate transactions. Is it a good investment? Will the added sales value pay for the cost? Will it make my home...
Summer 2013: The first weeks of July have been extremely hot here in the Northeastern U.S. Over the past few days we have had record-breaking heat, and heat advisories of all sorts.  Being outdoors can get close to unbearable some days.  This forces us to seek respite from the heat indoors in hop...
Guest post by Zubin Doshi - This week's post was written by my colleague Zubin Doshi, a certified waterproofing specialist and blogger. Zubin writes home improvement articles for several sites, including The law of foundations dictates that any structure built on or below the ground is...
A home fire is something every one dreads.  Yet, fire and smoke damage prevention is something that many people don’t often think about. Taking preventative measures not only help protect your family and property, but can also save you from having to deal with very costly home repair in the futur...
Many homebuyers shopping for newly-built homes tend to mistakenly think that a new construction is, by rule, more energy efficient than an old house. That can be a costly mistake because, while many builders have some training in green building procedures and are following some green building gui...
I trully admire the tenacity of most DIYers. As a matter of fact, I am (or try to be) one. Yet, I am surprised to see how often some of them get into trouble for refusing to recognize that when it comes to home improvement, some things must be dealt with by a knowledgeable professional. Basement ...
Parents and caretakers of elementary school children all over the Southern California school district can now breathe a sigh of relief. They have one less thing to worry about, as their children can now walk to and from school with less risk of tripping and falling on cracked, sinking and heaving...
  8 Signs of Foundation Problems to Look for Before You Start Your Garden.   Summer is just around the corner, and many homeowners are spending a lot of time in their yards, prepping the lawn, re-arranging the landscape, planting new flower beds and vegetable gardens. That is a great time to also...
If your home sits on a dirt-floored, vented crawl space, you may find yourself wondering what is going on under your house sometimes. It is a dark, warm and often times damp space that is open to all sorts of unwanted guests. Yet, you probably think that since it is not tied to or part of your li...

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