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After months of waiting, Pres. Bush finally decided that it's not good for the economy to have so many people losing their homes in the current credit crunch, market softness and adjustable rate crisis. When it's three at once it's a hat trick, isn't it? Or could it be referred to as a witching h...
For most people a 30 year fixed is the benchmark against which all other options are compared. That rate has fallen this week to an average 6.43%. Putting this in some persepctive, the rate was 6.7% this time last year and is the lowest rate since April when rates hovered at 6.28%.Someone can obt...
Sure, why not? For many parts of the country, it's a buyers market. Your bargaining power hasn't been this good for years and you'll get more for your money. Aren't Mortgages rates way up? Well compared to what? Compared to the incredibly low rates a couple years ago, yeah. It's true you won't fi...

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