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The Bank of Canada today announced that it is maintaining its target for the overnight rate at 1 per cent. The Bank Rate is correspondingly 1 1/4 per cent and the deposit rate is 3/4 per cent. The global economic recovery is proceeding largely as expected, although risks have increased. As antici...
I would love to hear from the realtors on this: your thoughts and how this is affecting you. Does this open new doors for you? Are you incorporating this into your future business in the way that you would offer your clients more tailored services versus the all-in-one meal-deal? I'm just curious...
Good morning everyone, I wanted to extend an invitation to come as a guest to our BNI South Calgary breakfast chapter. We hold our meeting every Thursday morning at 7:15am at the Deerfoot Inn Mohave Grill. BNI is the largest word of mouth business referral network in the world. It's structured an...
If you would like to have mortgage rates showing on your website and updated regularly without a cost to you here is a way to do it: Go to my website go to "link-to-us" copy/paste the link to the mortgage rates onto your site. Our rates are constantly updated by our host. As ...
a 5-year variable closed can be done at prime minus 0.20 = 2.05 It's nice to see variable with discounts again versus variable with premiums.
I know that people tend to ask for a 5-year term most of the time. The question is whether this is really in their best interest. Most of us have been there and when I got my first mortgage everybody from our parents, to friends advised us to get a 5-year term. From my experience over the past i...
The signs increasingly indicate Canada will be out of recession by the end of the year, if not slightly sooner, even though consumers remain wary and unemployment is ticking higher, new data show. Two separate economic indexes that gauge the conditions that create economic growth rose Tuesday, su...
This is a time where we have to go back to basics. I'm sure brokers that have dealt with their clients in a professional manner and used good judgement how they handled certain mortgages will do fine even versus brokers that got a little "greedy" not realizing there is a time when they have to wo...

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