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I am from Minnesota.  I spent my winters vacationing in warm places.  I loved my time in Mexico, the Carribean, Florida, and California.  I tried to get out of the cold every possible month.   I loved to tan.  I wore a 15 level sunscreen because I was advised to have some protection.  Now I live...
  I bought my poles last year. I felt very strange gliding through my Florida neighborhood like a crosscountry skier, until I felt and saw the results.  Per my readings, you burn about 40% more calories with the poles vs. walking. It works the upper body, core muscles, and legs.  I'v lost 5 pound...
This is our condominium after Wilma.  You can see the side of the building was totally blown off by the tornadoes that followed the storm. We put in an insurance claim that was promptly denied by the  company that we had done business with for 2 decades. The building had to be addressed, so each...
We bought our 1980's condominium 5 years ago.  We overlook the Gulf of Mexico and love our location.  We can walk to the theatre, restaurants, and world class shopping. Our unit is almost 3000 square feet and the cost per square foot cannot not be beat. Our neighbors are friendly and very respect...
We were in Times Square last week and there were really cute college kids all dressed up in red, white, and blue outfits with Lincoln hats on peddling their products.  The item that caught my eye was the, " Obama condoms for hard times." 
I love my morning coffee.  My husband is not a coffee drinker.  In the past, he did not appreciate my "coffee kisses. One day I tried every product in the house to get rid of my stale breath.  Down went the mouthwash, floss, toothbrush, tongue wash, mints, etc.  Per him, nothing really worked, so...
I never appreciated high-end appliances.  I am not exactly a domestic goddess.  My idea of doing housework is loading/turning on the dishwasher, washing machine, dryer and then going for a walk.  It is only because we had construction work done on our condo that forced us to move down the hall to...
I advertised a condominium as being, " A short walk to the beach, restaurants, and shopping." In a real estate class the instructor told me that the American Disability's Act suggests that you say that the home is walking distance to the beach or shopping. My phrase could be offensive to some pro...
I had dinner with a couple that I sold a lovely vacation condominium to earlier this year.  I went into the meal a little beat up from the day.  I had had an exchange with a customer that did not go as well as I would have liked and I was distracted by the situation. My customers were born in Pol...
I am a very average tennis player, but I have a lot of spunk.  My tennis coach is simply smashing!  He breaks everything down into two or three items to address to fix any problem. I am sure if I asked him the answer to world peace, he would have a three step program.  But, I would rather play te...

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