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Our real estate sales are picking up.  We have two years of inventory throughout the area, which means there are still a lot of good deals out there. We expect season to be a record.  Here is an update for our area: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and there are fund raisers for this caus...
My friend's son was just arrested for selling drugs to an undercover policeperson.  He got in with the totally wrong crowd and thought he was smarter than everyone else. He could serve 2-9 years in prison.  He is from a loving family.  I do not know what caused his brain's wiring to become disman...
I just got back from a trip to my in-laws.  At 80, my father-in-law built a 6000 square foot house in place of his 1950's homestead. They placed an elevator shaft in a strategic area, in case they became disabled.  Their plan was to hire live-in care, if additional help was required.  Today, at 9...
I am inspired to start an outside blog but I am clueless on where to begin.  I have read a number of success stories about how the blog is driving traffic to your Website. I am concerned about how much time you set aside to keep the blog up and if it is a daily committment.  Can I see some exampl...
  This is our view.  It is actually beautiful without the screens/shutters, but the remodleing process is totally crazy.  Our building has 82 units.  Most of the lanai's on the one side had water issues so this was the summer to rip them apart.  The drilling noise can make one quite crazy.  Yeste...
I am still new at this.  How do you earn points for links and bonus points?
It was a blast!  Our friends in Oxford treated us to golf, food, and drink.  We saw Normandy Beach, Monet's garden, a tapestry completed in 1066 on how William the Bastard was renamed to William the Conqueror, plus Paris!  My husband did not really trust my French and he did not like the Euro exc...
I had the walls painted with neutralizers and the carpet cleaned with a special product.  All surfaces have been cleaned.  The air ducts were addressed.  I have used a air cleaner and products that claim to make a difference.  The condo has been aired out and the outside screen cleaned with vodka...
I need to get out of town for 8 days!  Florida is rather warm this time of year. We are going to Oxford, England to see our friends and play some golf.  Then we are on to Normandy Beach to see the D-Day Exhibits!  I have to say when America is totally focused and running on all cylinders we reall...
I have been very discouraged by many companies' service models as of late.  I have found: Refunds are getting harder to process and some companies will not provide refunds at all. (Check before you buy.) I stopped shopping at Walmart.  They have the dumbest refund process in the area.  They go ou...

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