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After going through the stress and considerable demands of home buying, it would be disheartening to discover that there are many things wrong with your house. Hence it’s important to choose your home carefully. Apart from the big investment, you and your family will stay in your new home for man...
Renting may be a more affordable option than home ownership according to a Harris Poll survey. 70 %  of millenials, 73 % of baby boomers and 61 % of Gen-Xers believe that renting is the more affordable option. But no one will deny that home ownership offers a sense of freedom that renting cannot ...
 So you’re thinking: why not cut costs by going through the home buying process on my own? There are so many things involved in the home buying process that can make it very costly on your time and money. On the one hand, you need professionals when searching for homes because it takes time to fi...
Your mortgage payment can last for more than forty years. That is why you shouldn’t rush when choosing a mortgage or mortgage lender. Home buying is a really long-term commitment. So here are some essential tips for choosing the right mortgage lender.1. Talk to your realtor: Professional real est...
Home buying is a complicated process. Sometimes you get lost in the mirage of processes involved. Hence it is important to approach your quest for a new home with purpose and direction in order to save time, money and unnecessary hassles. Before looking around at homes for sale, you need to do th...
Most people go for the home inspector with the cheapest rate. But choosing a home inspector is really important and can cost you a lot more than you paid the inspector. The home search and buying process is stressful enough. Making a wrong choice in inspectors can make the effort worth nothing. S...
Real estate foreclosures may be an unlucky occurrence for the seller, but for a savvy buyer, foreclosures present an advantageous opportunity. How do you approach foreclosures?1. Research. There are many resources available online about foreclosures. The most important thing to know is how much m...

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