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Long-term Treasury rates have remained stable, the 10-year T-note in a band 3.60%-3.75% for a whole month. However, mortgages are beginning to vibrate, trying to find an appropriate level as the Fed stops buying: in just the last week rates have moved between 4.875% and 5.125%.     Treasury's are...
The first thing anyone looking to buy a home or a car must know  is their credit profile. The only palce you can go to get a free credit file disclosure commonly called a credit report is at . This report provides you with all o...
Why foreclosures may have slowed Realty Trac reports 1 out of every 418 U.S. homes was foreclosed upon last month. The foreclosure rate isn't rising as rapidly as it has in past years, but that's only because banks are inundated with paperwork. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports. A Foreclosure sign is...
Long-term interest rates rose this week, 10-year Treasurys to 3.69% and mortgages toward 5.125%. The drivers: economic data not as weak as could have been, $74 billion in fresh Treasury borrowing next week, and the ever-closer conclusion to Fed purchases of MBS.     The northeast-centered media a...
I admit it. I'm really worried. Greece, for starters. It needs to borrow at least 54 billion this year to pay off existing debt. So far, it has raised 13 billion. To make matters thoroughly dicey, about 22 of bonds mature in March and April. So Greece is under the gun to find enough money to pay ...
Very Important news on Short Sales There is no question that after April 5 2010 Short Sales will dominate the market. Why? Treasury Departments HAFA Guidelines! Read this post for everything you need to know about HAFA. Harris Real Estate University has been advocating the streamlined short sale...
A good article to reach higher goalsI was inspired and touched by the magnificent opening ceremony of the 21st Winter Olympic Games! I could feel and admire the talent, effort, perseverance and respect for everyone in the amphitheatre and I felt great compassion towards the Georgian athlete who h...
The bond market rallied this week, long-term rates falling, unfortunately in response to lousy economic news. Lowest-fee mortgages fell to 5.00%, and the 10-year T-note has approached its next key level, 3.60%.     Every item in this grim litany was forecast to improve, and none did. The Confere...

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