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A friend called me yesterday to ask for my advice. He wants to purchase the house next door to where he's living. It's a multi-family total rehab with 1 tenant living there. He's looking forward to doing the work to bring it up to code. He has less-than-stellar credit so he knows he needs to work...
  I am such a geek - I love the QR codes (I almost said new QR codes, but if you read the article below you'll see that they aren't new.) The reason I love them is because they take up such little space, but when scanned into your phone they hold a whole lot of information. I'll let you read abou...
  I suggest that my buyers always, always purchase title insurance. I had first hand experience where title insurance saved the day (for my seller). One thing I like about living in Massachusetts, we are always in the forefront of legal issues. We aren't afraid to make a decision first and not wa...
I wanted to say Congratulations to Active Rain on hitting 200,000 members. I joined AR back in 2006, I think it was August or September. I don't know how many members there were then but it was small enough where everyone knew everybody. There was a forum and I think the blogging portion was supp...
I just finished filling out the application for citizenship for my husband and this is the first post I saw when coming here. How appropriate. I definately see inequality but not nearly as much as years ago. I get so mad when people are so obviously ignorant, but then I remind myself that they we...
You've got to be honest in this market. Take a hard look at the stats, and believe them - whatever they are telling you. Pricing a home too high only means that no one will come to see it. They'll pass it over.Lets List it High Because I Know Someone Will Offer Less There is a right way and a wro...
I am helping my mother move from a 5 room house to a 2-1/2 room elderly townhouse. I say townhouse loosely because it's all on one level. It's a very nice place on the Cape (Cape Cod for you foreigners, lol). It's something she's been looking forward to for a long time. Not all elderly downsize ...
  Living in New England we are used to the fridgid temperatures. My friend Jane Becker found some cool tips to help you on our icy mornings. One more tip, which isn't a winter tip, but to keep your wipers lasting longer, rub them with an emory board. It sharpens them up so you won't have to chang...
This is the view from my walkway down my street. The internet said my area got 16-20 inches. It's definately deeper in some places. I have to give a big shout-out to my neighbor who came by with his snowblower. I'm a corner house so I have to shovel both sidewalks. Being in a valley I was hoping ...
I read this blog today. I thought it was a good idea - as long as you get compensated in some way. Either with referrals (you'd have to be sure this is the type of client who will send you the referrals you are looking for), or by a great testimonial if you are in need of them. But I started to t...

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