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After 4 years of onsite sales, I have made a change. This 4 years has given me extensive construction knowledge, negotiation skills and marketing experience. I am a full time, dedicated Realtor to the Greenville area.
So I was reading in my Real Estate Agent Magazine an article about asking your sellers for a list of 20 of their friends and family. Names, addresses and phone numbers. This is what the author called indirect seller referral system. What he does with this list is sends a letter out as if it is co...
All too often we here this about everything. How to get clients, what neighborhoods to live in, even down to what restaurant will make it.Did you know that Greenville has 230 international companies operating in Upstate South Carolina? This is according to the International Center of the Upstate....
You know all too often after work we go home, have dinner and sit in front of the TV. Sometimes we don't even talk to each other as we watch TV. What happened to asking the person you live with, "How was your day?" and actually listening to them. Recently my husband had a change in schedule. He ...
Ok so how I got on this mailing list....who knows. I get all kinds of mail at my house as most of us do. Well this one was a keeper. The premiere issue of G the magazine of Greenville. I have no idea where you would buy one in stores, but I love this magazine and will become a subscriber. There a...
I have been in the Greenville area for 5 years. Even in that short time I have seen major changes. So after I get over the shock of being moved to Greenville where??? I really did have to get out a map to see where the heck I was moving. I wasn't that dumb that I didn't know where South Carolina ...
So you are at the dead line and need to get something done. Who do you call? Did you remember to tell him/her thank you after them helping you out. Sure it's there job, but you know it is nice to hear a thank you once in a while. Don't forget to tell all those people who help us get our jobs done...
 So I sit here and look at the homes I have sold over the years. I have helped quite a few people and had great relationships with them during the purchase of their home. But when working for a builder, once they close, they then call the warranty department for everything. While you are still on...
So after working for a corporate company for four years, I am an old dog learning new tricks. This week I realized the biggest challenge I will have to overcome is learning to use information on my own...I am use to being told what to do with it.Now don't think I am throwing off on my old company...
So the beginning. The beginning of a few things in my life. After four years of onsite sales, I decided to step out my box! My nice, safe, comfortable, I did mention comfortable right??? box! Stepping outside of one's box take courage. Lots of courage sometimes. You will always question if you di...

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