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Demand Passage of SB-1306 for a 2 Year Moratorium to Stop all Foreclosures and Evictions in Michigan!!!   One out of every 11 mortgage holders in the U.S. in now delinquent on their payments or are in foreclosure. People who don't even have subprime mortgages and just are obligated to regular in...
If You Are Trying to Get Approved For a Home or Car & Your Credit is Not Up To Par, listen to this............ !!!!FOR INSIDER TIPS IN REAL ESTATE VIEW MY BLOGS & LISTINGS ON ACTIVE RAIN!!!! credit industry is one that does not have a lot of regulations. About 97% o...
There is  a new Section 8 program for qualified tenants to own thier home! Program has just passed a few months ago. Affordable homes are available. Email Steve Mason at for the latest affordable homes and new programs.To Qualify, the family must.... 1.) Have participated in...
Michigan has a lot to offer. Not to sound cliche' but Michigan's foreclosure rate is at an all time high. There are so many programs for people to own a home, get in a home, and build credit. As long as there is a certain degree of poverty there will always be options for help, especially in fore...

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