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Craig's Classroom Blog is a series of short technology articles for Real Estate Professionals. You will learn how to work with and improve on your online points of presence. Craig teaches about practical technology usage that you will find useful in your daily workflow. Work smarter!
Your blog signature is a significant pivot point opportunity that you may be missing out on. In this multi-part series, let's look at how we can leverage this opportunity in our favor! First of all, what is a blog signature? Your signature block is what appears immediately after the main content...
Sometimes it's just easier to SHOW rather than to TELL.For example... When is the last time you checked to see if your social badge links were up to date? In ActiveRain, would you know how to fix this? Notice in the snapshot below, you start on your profile page and then click "Edit Profile." Fro...
It's time for me to ask a little favor of you.Every so often I do a technology survey form to get some feedback from those that read my blog posts (the last surveys were 2010 and 2014). By questioning you about what your standard technology usage is like, I can better tailor future blog posts to ...
Saying that someone has their head is in the clouds usually has a negative connotation. In the digital era, we might have to rethink that expression! Our digital selves should seriously look at having our head in and leveraging 'the cloud'. There are many advantages. Let's take a look at some.The...
NOTE: This is the REVISED version of this post (see the changes in the middle section). I was made aware of a system bug that will affect the choice you have in making comments, read more:The ActiveRain points system pretty ingenious. It incentivizes the types of actions that you should be doing ...
How are the fall colors where you are located? In metro New York City, we are just now starting to see some nice colors pop out. Today was a very rainy day. However, when the rain finally stopped the sun popped out very quickly after. I wanted to take a photo out of our front window of the blue s...
Photography is part of modern daily life now. Think about it. You carry a camera (in the shape of a mobile phone) with you at all times in your pocket (or purse). How many photos did you take today? how many this week? this month? this year? One of my all time favorite tech tools relates to worki...
A Chef Has Excellent Ingredients AND a Well Thought Out PresentationCreating an interesting blog post is first of all dependant on relevant information that the reader wants to read. The other essential consideration to a successful post is how you present the information. A good chef may have th...
Dick Greenberg's November Contest (Show Us Your Wallpaper) has inspired this post. I think it is a interesting way to get a glimpse of each other's worlds as the computer (and phone) screens tells a little story about us! :)I've been a little absent from blogging lately (busy days!) so the contes...
I think it is very good news that Ben Kinney has taken ownership of ActiveRain. With that news, comes also the return of Bob Stewart. These are two guys that you want to listen to when they share their wealth of knowledge! These guys also know the power of this community and want to make sure tha...

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Since 2010, Craig's Classroom blog has been the place to come for short technology lessons - here on ActiveRain I focus on technologies for real estate professionals - please subscribe if you want to catch future posts! :)

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