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Craig's Classroom Blog is a series of short technology articles for Real Estate Professionals. You will learn how to work with and improve on your online points of presence. Craig teaches about practical technology usage that you will find useful in your daily workflow. Work smarter!
Getting comments on our blog posts is a refreshing thing. If you have ever done blog posts on your own website, you will quickly see how many spam comments accumulate quickly. These comments are not genuine and probably created by spam bots. When you post on ActiveRain, you'll see the community m...
ActiveRain Groups have lost the limelight in recent years with only a handful of active groups remaining. The potential of a group is to rally and inspire one another around some focal point. Debb Janes started the YouTube Thursdays group back in 2011 and gathered over 400 members to the topic ov...
Short-form media content is a very popular format these days for people to watch. These are short videos ("snack sized", under 60 seconds) and when done right are interesting and informative. If you want to be able to share some of this content in a blog post, how do you do it?If you have created...
Once you have been blogging for a while, you will have accumulated a fairly long list of blog posts. Hopefully you've been mixing your topics. If so, you might have a mix of localism posts, market reports, and answering frequently asked questions for your audience. How well are your posts perform...
In last week's ActiveRain zoom, we showed a couple different case studies to illustrate how using a spreadsheet could be a very useful tool. I have recorded one of the case studies, "Shopping for a Laptop" so that you can playback the tutorial when you have a little time to watch. The video tutor...
Tech Snippets - this series of short posts shows helpful tools and methods that could easily be missed or overlooked yet are extremely helpful!Do you know this one?...How To Create a Desktop ShortcutIn Microsoft Windows, it is very easy to create a desktop shortcut for a website or a specific fol...
Tech Snippets - a new series of short posts showing helpful tools and methods that could easily be missed or overlooked, yet are things that are extremely helpful once you know!Do you know this one?...Toggle Your Folder Views(On a Windows PC) Depending on the content of the folder that you are lo...
Tech Snippets - a new series of short posts showing helpful tools and methods that could easily be missed or overlooked, yet are things that are extremely helpful once you know!Do you know this one?...Show the Desktop - On a Windows PCHow many app windows do you have running simultaneously? 3, or...
People will find our blog posts in various ways. One way is when we share it with them for example in a link on our email signatures. Another way, when we do SEO right, people will drop in "out of the sky" and land on the specific post. From there, we'd hope that they want to read more of your bl...
Do you like to use Facebook for posts related to your business? It's a good way to stay front mind with your audience (clientele). It's also a good way for people to discover what you are about and what good information you can share with them.By having a Facebook Page, it enables you to differen...

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Since 2010, Craig's Classroom blog has been the place to come for short technology lessons - here on ActiveRain I focus on technologies for real estate professionals - please subscribe if you want to catch future posts! :)

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