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In the face of declining revenues, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources has decommissioned Sprewell Bluff State Park near Thomaston Georgia. Although the property is still owned by the state there will no longer be any park facilities maintained by the state. It is sad that the preservatio...
As Zeus from Olympus gazed uponThe feats of heroes, gods and man,So too, from my lofty perch I spyOn Nature’s gifts and passers-by!       ( R Weisser 2014) In Summer in the South, porches are generally reserved for the cooler early mornings and later in the evening. In the early hours, the neighb...
Agents and brokers often become confused about real estate rules and regulations. Many times the words “illegal,” "immoral" or “unethical” are bantered about without so much as a thought as to whether or not the term applies. And it’s easy to understand the source of the confusion. There are many...
It is human nature to avoid confrontation. Most of us endeavor to avoid adversarial discourse and tend to either seek compromise or at times we might even give in without a fight. But there are times when confrontation is unavoidable. When two or more sides in a transaction interpret the ebb and ...
The significance of Memorial Day is often overshadowed by holiday weekend festivities. As we gather together in our comfortable homes so far removed from battlefields and the horrors of war, it is easy to forget the solemnity of the day and its true meaning. Today we remember those that have fall...
To ramble lithe o’er crag and fissurePropelled by boundless youthful vigor,Alas! Those days have come and goneAnd left an old man weak and worn!         (R Weisser 2014) I am planning a considerable adventure this Summer. As time takes its toll on my frame I realize that this long anticipated exc...
I once worked for a buyer that took a very blasé attitude towards the fundamentals of buying a home. This buyer never spent countless hours researching neighborhoods, economics or compared features side by side. This buyer did not look at house after house and meticulously dissect each facet of t...
We often hear the expression “cheap as dirt” but in reality dirt can be very expensive. Have you ever tried to buy dirt for a landscaping project? Soil is heavy and is not easy to collect or move around. As a result a truckload of dirt can cost you a pretty penny! Dirt can cost even more if it is...
Real life situations make excellent topics for industry writers. We all encounter unique and interesting experiences in our day to day work and it’s often enlightening to run them up the flagpole and see if anyone will salute it! But when establishing a premise with the expectation of a response,...
I just read another post on FaceBook post that states the a REALTOR sent an anonymous letter to an elderly couple about how and where they park their car. And as usual, many agents immediately embarrassed themselves by jumping on the agent bashing bandwagon. There’s only one problem. The post did...

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