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When I purchase a house, I hire a home inspector to examine the property and to report the condition of the property to me. I am not interested in politics, I don’t care what this or that real estate agent said. I don’t care how it was advertised. Because as a buyer, none of that matters to me. I...
As the final minutes of 2013 trickle through the neck of the hourglass, it is good to pause to stop and take a look back. Life is a lot like a hike up a steep mountain. The further along you get on the journey, the more there is to see when you turn around. With every step, the starting point bec...
There was a time when families and friends would gather together and exchange Holiday pleasantries face to face! Communities were generally small and close knit and most of the people that we knew lived within ten miles from our homes. But as we became a more mobile society, the physically distan...
A beacon once, to draw the tribeOf prodigal kinsmen spread far and wide,But now no keeper tends the cheering light,And the flame has succumbed to the black of night.                (R Weisser 2013) There is a time in nearly everyone’s life in which the “old homeplace” ceases to exist. What was o...
Our real estate office is in one of those mega-complexes that have many of the large retail store chains represented. As you might imagine, the traffic in late December gets pretty testy. But it’s a small inconvenience and the hustle and bustle and last minute buying sprees enable the merchants t...
Calling Google is not for the faint of heart. The purpose of my call is to alert them of a telemarketer using the name “Google” to scam targets. As a business owner myself, it’s the kind of call that I would want to take. Since Google is a publicly traded company, it’s even more important. But af...
  Is a real estate listing a contract? In most cases they are. And contracts should neither be entered into nor should they be terminated casually. Most listing agreements have language pertaining to financial consequences for termination without cause. The listing contracts that we typically use...
I must preface this diatribe with a modest disclaimer. I am a simple man with simple needs. I can be ecstatically happy with very little. Goodness only knows if the economy was based on my consumer proclivities it would be in a sorry state. I rarely shop, and when I do, I agonize before I spend a...
Well, it’s that time of year again, and it is inevitable that the topic of religion will come up in the conversation. Recognition of the observance of Christmas is a complicated dilemma for many in a business that respects the beliefs of all of it customers and clients. Christmas is BOTH a religi...
From Northern parts the gales deliver.Bone-chilling draughts that make us shiver,And dust our roofs with frosty glaze,In festive garb for the holidays!           (R Weisser 2013) I was born and reared in Pennsylvania, so the notion of snow in time for the holidays is not foreign to me. But snow i...

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