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In sheltered havens, to be deliveredFrom icy blasts and quaking shivers,The lock is turned, the quest ensuesAlas, the hope was but a ruse!        (R Weisser 2014) I showed a HUD house the other day! I don’t know why I bothered. It was freezing outside, and starting to get dark. The United Stated ...
It is happening every day to my business associates and friends. I either get an email ostensibly from them or a Tweet or notice that I have been tagged in a FaceBook post. The initial knee-jerk reaction is always positive. It’s always nice to interact with people is a personal way. It makes you ...
Real estate agents and brokers often hear theories that doing this, that or the other could violate federal anti-trust law. The fact of the matter is that real estate agents and brokers need to pay reasonable attention as to what may constitute anti-competitive conduct. The National Association o...
There was a time when sales cooperation was the backbone of the real estate industry. However, recent marketing trends seem to be rejecting the long-standing system of sharing business amongst brokers. Not a problem for me as I think that businesses have the right to establish any model that they...
I answered my office phone the other day and the recorded message began with something like: “In the time it takes for this phone call, seven houses in the United States will be burglarized.” So I did what every right thinking concerned citizen would do” I put the call on hold. Because if the pre...
Let me preface this by saying that short sales have been around for a long time and there will continue to be short sales as long as there are mortgages. With that being said, with stabilizing house values combined with more reasonable lending practices over the last few years, fewer and fewer se...
Potential home buyers in Coweta County Georgia must first face one stark reality: There are less than 650 single family houses listed for sale on the MLS. There are also currently 250 house under contract. This translates to slim pickings in general, and as each additional criteria is applied the...
For the last few decades we have moved ever closer towards a paperless society. We now pay our bills online, and get email and text receipts for just, about every transaction. In the world of real estate, electronic signatures are often valid in many cases and we now maintain electronic records o...
There are times when only a real world test will demonstrate whether or not a hypothesis is valid. We often say things like “it should work” or “it’s built to code” but until the product or service survives the rigors of the real world, performance can only be our best guess. Over the last two da...
One of the reasons I moved to the South way back when was to avoid the harsh reality of Winter in Western Pennsylvania. But over the decades since I moved to Georgia, Old Man Winter has occasionally found his way to these supposedly temperate parts! And with single digit temperatures predicted ov...

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