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In a surprise press release the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced that it will no longer be selling FHA insured properties. Instead, the properties will be turned over to the states to be awarded to would-be homeowners in any way deemed appropriate by their respective legislat...
Over the last few decades a lot of progress has been made in the consumer rights arena. Many of the reforms were not magnanimous gestures by industries wooing consumers on the basis of good customer relationships. Rather, most consumer protections were mandated by federal laws designed to force b...
They say that first impressions are important. So when I get an email from an unknown sender, my first impression is generally predicated on the subject line. If a subject line has some bearing on my business, I generally open the email. Of course, scammers and spammers realize this and they ofte...
Awake O, dormant feathered laceIn pungent bursts of scented graceThat lure the workers from hive to bloom,As Lazarus risen from Winter’s tomb!         (Richard Weisser 2014) Spring has always been considered a time of new beginnings. And although the calendar may declare that January 1 is the beg...
A very wise man once told me: “If you tell the same … lie often enough you start believing it …yourself!” Of course, his language was a little more colorful and a bit more direct but his admonition has stayed with me for many, many years. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to retract some...
One of the key tenets of blogging is transparency. A blog is not only an excellent vehicle for the delivery of pertinent information, but it can also offer insight into the personality and disposition or the writer. Which can be a very good thing! But it can also be a very bad thing if the author...
The arbitrary wedge is sliced,Dogmatic, deigned to be precise,To set our pace, control our fateAnd determine if we’re prompt or late.No beast takes notice, no fowl reflectsNo crawly insect genuflects,In homage to those ticks or tocks,Because you see, only man has clocks!                    (R Wei...
It wasn’t all that long ago those buyers controlled the ebb and flow of real estate negotiations. Buyers knew that they had the upper hand and they took full advantage of it. Sometimes they even went a little too far leaving exasperated seller no option other than knuckle under or lose the sale. ...
It’s hard to believe that the 2013 Corporate Income Tax Return deadline is less than two weeks away. The deadline for filing 2013 Corporate Tax returns for fiscal years ending on December 31, 2013 is Monday, March 17 2014. I don’t know if there is any added significance that the cutoff date coinc...
Released from morning’s chill embrace,In mustered ranks as scouts to blazeThe path towards Spring in all her grace,Towards vigor, growth, and longer days!     (R Weisser 2014) Spring has sprung in the South! Now, I know that my dear friends in the upper Midwest are still dealing with sub-zero tem...

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