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        Driving around town all day?  Treat yourself to a 15 minute vacation and stop by the Soda Pop Stop.  Not only do they have all the delicious classics (usually with sugar cane, and not all the nasty additives that most sodas have) such as grape soda, a flurry of rootbeers, and any other k...
There are so many great green alternatives to traditional countertops nowadays.  Many are more cost-effective as well.  Remember to try to buy from local producers.  It's good for our city, and it cuts down on all the extra pollution shipping produces.  Here's a few of my favorite materials!  Did...
Took us up on yesterday's yoga post?  Then you'll probably want to get in on this deal.  Massages are not only good for unwinding after a long week, but are also proven to release toxins that your body holds onto.  Drink lots of water, knead out those knots, and wash your worry away. K-O Massage...
  Silver Lake Yoga is the oldest yoga studio in Silver Lake. They like to refer to themselves as "Yoga without the attitude".  So whether it's your 1st try, or you're a seasoned Yogi, you have a home here! Here are some of S.L.Y.'s specialties: Prenatal. This is a big one.  Also offering Labor Su...
                  Intelligentsia is a Chicago-based coffee company.  Recently expanding to Los Angeles with locations in Venice, Glassell Park, Pasadena and Silver Lake.  But People... this is not not just any coffee.. Their baristas win international brewing contests.  The buyers fly across the ...
L.A. Cafe is quickly becoming my top eatery when I'm Downtown.  It's open and DELIVERS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The really exciting news? It's just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Echo Park, so yes... it's delivers to the 90026-ers! With a fabulous selection of baked goods, one would wo...
We all know that switching to Energy Star appliances can help save you serious money in the long run. NAMELY your refrigerators made before 1993- major energy guzzlers. But here are some less publicized methods that I found particularly helpful. Something that can save you almost twice as much as...
A recent story published in the New York Times reminds us that there is more than one way to lower your mortgage payment. Homeowners looking to lower their monthly mortgage payments and reduce their interest rate may be able to do so without refinancing.  A little-known strategy called recasting ...
  Located at 3820 West Sunset BoulevardLos Angeles, CA 90026(323) 661-7465 Silverlake's "Le Pink and Co., Beauty Apothecary"'s cozy and adorable environment make you want to spend all day basking in it's smells. Home to all of the delicious staples (Dr. Hauscka, Rosebud lip balm, etc) and also t...
           Lark's cupcakes are the only thing I've ever tried there.  Mainly because when I'm in the area, I'm looking for a nibble. Not en route to an occasion that warrants buying an entire gorgeous cake.      Although had I known the cappuccino cheesecake (pictured here) existed, I might have...

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