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Welcome to my blog. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet people across the nation with the same concerns that I have. Enjoy the blog!
So I made the move home!  It is amazing how many people I still know from High School and College in the area.  I also have family friends from living in the Memphis area for 30 years.  But I'm still facing the fears of starting over. So here goes ... I'm like a very experienced Rookie in real es...
I've been watching, quietly from the sidelines if you can believe it, the new rules that are being laid out for lending.  It is creating confusion and havic for some lenders and REALTORS, but in essence the rules are good.  I think it is a good thing for buyers that they have to be given notice i...
Okay folks, time to return to the rain!  I am finally settled in Memphis ... the office is organized ... I'm organized ... need to ge the houe in Baltimore sold, but I've given it to an agent in B'more to handle it and I'm all about Memphis! I have reacquainted myself with several friends from Hi...
In just about 30 days, my time in the DC area will be over!  I have accepted and taken a new position with a real estate firm about 1000 miles away in Memphis, TN.  It is a great opportunity and one that I am looking forward to. Eventually, I will be a Managing Broker at the new firm in Memphis  ...
I sent out an e-mail this morning to all of my clients on the fence regarding the Buyer's Tax Credit in the current Housing Bill that was recently passed.  I was amazed how many of my buyers got off the fence and decided that we need to hit the streets and find something.  I reminded them that th...
Something that many of us may forget is that NAR requires the completion of the Quadrennial Ethics Requirement by the end of the year.  The good thing about this requirement is that it can be completed on the NAR website ( and it FREE!!!!!   Finally we get something for our dues. ...
Staying in contact (just as my Business Coach tells me all the time) does work.  Recently I've been working on reclassifying my contacts.  So I have been staying in contact with all of my A+ people.  We've been doing lunch ... we've  been talking on the phone, etc.  Well today I got another refer...
I was amazed this afternoon when I looked at how much work I got done today.  What I've been doing is putting the Big Rocks in my planner and then the medium rocks and then the really small rocks.  This has been very good for me in letting me plann a little better than I have in the past. I got 2...
In DC we have strict laws regarding the sale of a rental property and the conversion of that property into condos.  While in the past condo conversion contributed to an upswing the DC housing market, the condo conversion laws in the District (name for DC) need to be re-examined. I have a friend w...
Ok I posted this the other (it ws wonderful) and it was good but since it disappered after I typed it on my computer I thought I try again! Every night after dinner and a long day working I go outside and sit on my front porch.  There is a spider that is at the front edge of my porch and I sit an...

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