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Welcome to my blog. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet people across the nation with the same concerns that I have. Enjoy the blog!
I have an upscale home coming on the market in about 2 weeks.  Today I decided that I would make a cooking show ... this home with close to 7000 square feet is wonderful ... since the home has a fabulous kitchen. While the home is vacant, I am working to get a dining room suite in the home and th...
Back to my favorite newbie REALTOR.  I have some new listings coming on the market in the coming weeks.  I have this friend who has been in the business for just a few months and is struggling to make a living ... actually her entire earnings for 2009 were 10 cents that she found in the parking l...
We had good news yesterday throught the Memphis Area Association of REALTORS.  Finally the surge in the real estate market is beginning to take off.  This past November there was an 8% increase in our market from the 2008 market. I am sure that the homebuyer's tax credit has contributed to this a...
There is a long list of pet peeves sitting on my desk today.  Today has not been the best day in real estae for me and honestly there were a couple of times I started to see if 7/11 was hiring! But the pet peeve for today is Listing Agents that when you submit a contract to them (as I did on Satu...
I'm thinking about getting a new website.  I am currently using the shell that is provided by my brokerage for that purpose, but it truly is not what I'm wanting to use and doesn't give me the presence that I want on the web.  Also, there is another reason that I won't go into right now. I found ...
I was amazed with how much tourism and money the Liberty Bowl brings into the Memphis economy so far.  It gives so much to the city.  With people who stay in hotels and eat out at the restaurants.  I was shocked at the lines of people waiting to catch the special shuttles to take them from the su...
Well as some of you will recall, a few weeks ago I was lamenting here the decision by the Federal Reserve to no longer purchase mortgage backed securities.  As I stated in that blog the failure by the Fed Reserve to no longer purchase these securities would have an impact on interest rates probab...
Even though there are some Repulicans in Congress that are saying there won't be an extension of the Homebuyers Tax Credit after the April expiration, there are some people who are saying that it may very well be extended to the end of 2010. The reason for this possibility: It's the Midterm Congr...
Last night there was an outstanding and wonderful performance of a group at Shady Grove Presbyterian Church.  It is the Prizm Chamber Ensemble.  This is a group of wonderfully talented musicians from across all the world.  Many of the members of the ensemble are faculty members of the Rudi E. Sch...
I get a little behind with my reading at times, but I found a lawsuit in Iowa that went through the Court of Appeals there.  It is something that we deal with from time-to-time.  An agent found a purchaser for a warehouse that was a short sale.  The bank and the owner both agreed to the terms tha...

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