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Welcome to my blog. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet people across the nation with the same concerns that I have. Enjoy the blog!
It seems more and more I'm hearing about Procuring Cause.  Such an important topic for REALTORS, but it seemingly is one that many in the real estate profession just don't understand.  In the years that I've been in real estate, I've found very experienced Managing Brokers (40+ years) who didn't ...
The Memphis real estate market is beginning to show some signs of revitalization, small signs, but good ones for us to be looking at. Right now housing sales are up for this month about 4.4% yesterday.  But the good thing is that inventory is going down as active listings are down.  We have strug...
This coming Monday we celebrate the life, work and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  This is a man who brought so much progress to our world and saw a better place that this country could be. Memphis is host to the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel where Dr. King was gunned ...
Last night I was watching a video about the earthquake in Haiti.  It was talking about how important social networking such as Twitter was in getting the news out across the world when the quake hit.  And now we are seeing, especially myself, how critical social networking is for raising money, m...
As I have written before, when I was in college and later years my friends and I would hang out at a great place called Overton Square.  The Square, as we called it, had so many interesting little shops, restaurants, etc.  In fact I had my first French meal at a great restaurant called Paulette's...
In one sense this has nothing to do with real estate or mortgages .... but in another sense it does. After 10 years or more living in Yankee land as I refer to Washington, DC and Baltimore, I had honestly forgotten what is was to see an Police Officer making a traffic stop.  See in Baltimore and ...
The results of the 3rd Quarter 2009 from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac demonstrate that more homeowners have been falling further and further behind in their mortgage payments.  But the number of foreclosures seems to be decreasing as financial institutions and mortgage servicing companies have been...
Ah, what do we have going on now! It seems that the salaries of the CEOs and COOs of the legendary Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are making salaries in the mid 7 figures again (like $6,000,000).  I just find that to be outrageous.  Here the government has had to take them over and bail them out and ...
Last night was a special night for some very hard workers in Memphis.  The new Playhouse on the Square, a long time member of the arts community in Memphis, debuted their new digs at the corner of Union and Cooper.  The men and women who know the theater more intimately than the busiest producer ...
I did a marketing piece this past wee on what is call precycling.  What this is an action we should take before we think about recycling.  What precycling is basically is looking at things before we use them to see what impact they will have on the environment. It is also about reusing things tha...

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