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Welcome to my blog. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet people across the nation with the same concerns that I have. Enjoy the blog!
This is one of the things that I love about Memphis.   Diversity.  We have diversity among people and even the weather. Today we had winter weather ... yesterday it was really pleasant and nice with the sun peeking out.  Then today we are hit with snow, freezing rain ... shuch a wonderful change....
While Ben Behrnake appears to be remaining the head of the Federal Reserve for a few more years, which seems to be good at this time, it is a good thing that they are keeping interest rates at an all time low. With many changes happening in Federal Reserve policies, I had been concerned that the ...
Well today they seem to be grilling on the House side the Treasury Secretary and the Former Treasury Secretary about the situation with AIG. It is sad that there didn't seem to be more control over AIG and the situation prior to bailout of the company.  It is sad that they weren't able to prevent...
Animals ... pets ... I love them and they love me! The other day the Clarksdale, MS Animal Shelter had to request help from the ASPCA to relieve overcrowding at their animal shelter.  Fortunately none of the animals were malnourished or mistreated by staff as has been alleged at the Memphis, TN a...
Yesterday there was a letter talking about the death of Midtown Memphis.  In previous posts I have written about this area.  While the area has fallen to disrepair I disagree with the premise that Midtown Memphis is dead and that we should have a death march for it today. Actually Midtown Memphis...
Well the move back home has certainly been an interesting one.  There have been some mistakes on the road home (some were made long before I actually got here) and then there has had to be some healing on this journey. As many will remember, this journey started with my Mom at the Thanksgiving Di...
Good article today about the New Madrid Earthquake fault that is imbedded within 35 miles of Memphis.  While as a child Tornado Drills and Fire Drills were more of a happening in the schools and at home, there has always been a lingering preparation for activity from the New Madrid Fault. I can r...
This is a home that is close to 7000 sq feet with plenty of space for entertaining ... open floor plan .. with 5 fireplaces through the home ... an attached 3 car garage .... pool with Cabana House .... 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths ... first floor bedroom with full bath ... luxury master bath with...
Sales are down ... way down Brokerages are having to cut back on costs Office are closing Plans to build new offices or relocate existing offices are on indefinite hold Owners are worried about what is going to happen So companies are now giving up on their print advertising budgets.  They are pr...
Well it looks like the amount of inventory that we are seeing on the market is actually the number of "normal" sale listings that is decreasing.  The "invisible" inventory according to a report in Inman News states that it is totaling 1.7 million right now. Also they are stating that it doesn't l...

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