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It is apparent that on Tuesday Countrywide will become a part of Bank of America which will make it the largest home mortgage servicer in the nation.  As BofA takes over all the turmoil, drama, and financial fallout associated with Countrywide Angelo Mozillo, the Chairman of Countrywide, will be ...
This change in the real estate market is coming full circle it seems.  The major elements that comprise the Real Estae community consists of the brokers and agents, the lenders, the home appraisers, the home inspectors, and of course the title agents (please forgive me if I unintentionally left a...
Well here is a new situation.  I am an Associate Broker at one firm while my Significant Other is an Associate Broker at another firm.  He had an interesting situation happen today. One of his sales associates had a "Buyer Agency" agreement.  Now in this area we are tri-jurisdictional so if you a...
It seems that with the approval of Countrywide shareholders that the all stock acquistion of the company by Bank of America will close on July 1, the coming Tuesday.  It may not be that good for the BofA shareholders and their executives. Yesterday I wrote about how Illinois was looking to file s...
Well it seems, according to the Wall Street Journal, that former standout football player on the professional and college level, former member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and former Vice-Presidential candidate with former Senate Leader Robert Dole, Jack Kemp is in difficulties. Apparent...
Well the State of Illinois is now looking at Countrywide in addition to federal investigations that are happening right now about the lending practices and the securities that backed many of the Countrywide loans.  You have to really be wondering what is going through the minds of the suits over ...
Every city that is the state capital has a Capitol Hill area.  But in Washington, DC we are thrilled and privileged to have an area that is the legislative seat of power for the entire United States. Adjacent to the east of the United States Capitol Building is the neighborhoods that make up the ...
Well the expansion of local government in the past few years is now catching up with government.  During the heyday of the real estate market, when governments were raking in lots of money over and over with transfer and recordation taxes, increased property taxes due to rising values of properti...
There is a new paint out there, eco friendly, being sold by Home Depot under the name Freshaire.  This paint doesn't have the odors that we are so familiar painting with.  Lots of clients don't want to have the paint smell in the home.  This allows people to have the painting done without that od...
Well according to a report this morning on CNBC, we are facing even more crisis in the lending community.  With the economy tanking as it is at the moment, they are telling us that we should be seeing more crisis in the banking industry which may affect the more traditional banking industry. Ther...

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