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Welcome to my blog. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet people across the nation with the same concerns that I have. Enjoy the blog!
It seems that real estate is local, but the lending community is international.  We have known for several years that many of the mortgages being written out there are done with money that comes from investors from all across the world.  While the money in Europe is purportedly worth more than th...
The negotiators in the Senate and the House of Representatives seem to have compromised on a bill that will rescue Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  This is a good situation.  One thing that is included in ths bill, for which I think is great and long over due, is the requirement that the new Overseer...
It looks as if the Congress and the Administration will be in agreement in bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in this mortgage crisis we are experiencing.  This is an important step, but one that I hope the legislative and executive branches will provide with certain controls, considerations,...
It is finally beginning to make me realize that if I  want t be successful in this business that I've got to be more technological.  And that seems to be increasing on a daily basis and I seem to be lagging behind every day.  I'm going to have to start putting a certain amount of time in my sched...
I was listening a program on CNBC this morning where an economist was talking about the recession that we are in (I know that we aren't yet admitting from the Federal Government that we are in a recession) last only about 11 months since World War II. He was saying that we should be seeing an imp...
Well it seems that we are continuing to deal with a variety of issues related to the money lending business.  Since I started my vacation, we've had a bank fail (partly because of their lending strategies), IndyMac.  On a personal and professional note, I hope that many of the Loan Officers and P...
The other day I was doing some previewing of homes in an area for my Aunt who lives in Silver Spring, MD.  I had been in her home lots of times, but until I went into her neighborhood and looked at homes in the area.  It was certainly an interesting tour for me. I now know about the area called F...
I traveled to Atlanta this past week to go to the Buffini Training Camp that Joe Niego was conducting.  It was certainly an interesting and wonderful experience.  I had to leave my home in Maryland at 3:30AM to catch a plan to Atlanta and then got back that evening at 10:30PM.  This is an event f...
Well it seems as though the economy is melting down even further than it had in the past.  There were many articles out there telling America that was recovering from the housing crisis.  But even though many economists are saying they are seeing some recovery in the housing market, Bernake yeste...
Well is is a Buyer's Market, but unfortunately Buyer's aren't moving as quickly as they can on purchasing homes.  I had client this past weekend who found a home that was just fabulous.  It was exactly what the client was looking for.  It needed some work, but it wasn't a terrible property.  It p...

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