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Welcome to my blog. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet people across the nation with the same concerns that I have. Enjoy the blog!
I am amazed at how well this thing is working with me working in a smarter way.  I had a class yesterday at the local REALTOR Association.  Not a big thing you say.  Well it is usually a wasted day for me, even if it is a half-day class. But using the new time management skills (we actually, they...
Ok, I get lots of visitors to my website ... from all over the world and all across the U.S.  The problem I have is that I'm not getting responses from the website.  What can I do to get people to register on the website?  What can I do to get more leads from the website?  Any suggestions appreci...
Many local governments, and some are heading towards that stance, are not imposing fees on banks for having vacant properties.  They state that these properties require increased policing for them and they have to take care of the yards, drain swimming pools, etc to promote public safety. Whle I ...
I'm not usually one for posting about other businesses, but I've decided to share a little information with the folks on the Rain. I'm a dog lover.  A big dog lover!  I mean, I have a Yorkshire Terrier who is 13 years old, and two Papillon sisters who just turned 3 years old a few months ago.  I ...
One of the most misunderstood concepts in Real Estate is procuring cause.  The handy dandy definition that we have been given over the years "If you show the house then you were the procuring cause" is not in actuality the true definition of procuring cause. According to the National Association ...
It is beginning to amaze me how much I was addicted to my e-mail, my Blackberry, and well my cell phone.  I now schedule my day with increments about every hour or so that allows me to check my e-mail.  What I'm also doing is as soon as I read the e-mail I'm responding to it, putting it in my dra...
The bank closings continue.  Two banks, who were related by being held by the same holding company in Nevada, yesterday were taken over by the FDIC.  The banks have branches in Nevada and Arizona.  The good thing about this takeover, if there is ever anything good about a takeover of a bank, is t...
Well I certainly had a very intersting Coaching Meeting with my Business Coach yesterday.  He challenged me that I'm a slave to the things that I don't need to be a slave to.  He told me that I am a constant slave to my e-mail account ... he's so right ... I have my e-mail running in the backgrou...
It seems that the office that is supposed to have been overseeing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for the past few years now has some teeth in the new laws being considered by the Congress. James Lockhart has been the head of the toothless agency, Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight. He wil...
Well the crisis still continues with the foreclosures.  The cities with the lowest number of foreclosures in the nation are Allentown, PA and Syracuse, NY.  The state with the highest number of foreclosures is Nevada which seems to be melting down.  According to CNN the foreclosure rate has soare...

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