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BREAKING NEWS...Tax Savings and potential REFUND for Business Owners Carryback NOL and GO Forward Lower TaxesCost Segregation Advisor, LLC provides a service that each and every person that OWN a commercial building or LEASE a space and have done tenant improvements should "CONSIDER" This is such...
TIME TO ENJOY FAMILY & FRIENDSThis is the time of year to "make" the time to enjoy the company of your family, friends, and community.Be thankful for what you have and know that thinking "positive" will bring positive things to YOU!Find a charity to donate time, energy, money or brainpower for no...
We have your Tax Savings -- across America! Cost Segregation Advisor (CSA) has a team of professional "advisors" across the country that are ready to advise, consult and service YOU the Commercial Building Owners to REDUCE taxes and keep more of their money...NOT give it to the government... ...p...
TAX SAVINGS: IN YOUR FUTURE!!You do not need a Fortune Teller to get the extra CASH.As a commercial building owner have been granted the "right" to INCREASE your cash flow and REDUCE your taxes by accelerate depreciation on the cost of your building. These tax savings are achieved through a proce...
[ ATTN: Washington ] - Revive the US Economy with Small Business Owners ( and Cost Segregation)Hello Washington DC,If you want to know how to "kick-start" the Economy...just check out this BLOG.The real answer for revitalizing the economy is to put MORE money into the hands of small business own...
        FREE  -  iPhone 3GS HOW:  simply provide a "warm" introduction to a Commercial Building Owner (or leaseholder w/ tenant improvements) who could use the Tax Savings achieved through accelerated depreciation... COST SEGREGATION! If they sign a deal to for a complete study to save
GET PAID: Revenue Sharing and Other Compensation Available for "Client Introductions"Some professionals either cannot (i.e. CPA's in California) or will not -- ethically -- take a Referral Fee or participate in Revenue Sharing even though they believe in a product or solution for their client.As ...
FOOTBALL - Fun, Food, Friends, and a need of FUNDS ( Cost Segregation can Help!)Football season is the time of year where the weather is nice, friends are plenty, and each week brings HOPE for better things for your team.Whether you enjoy Saturday's watching your favorite (or hated) College Footb...
The Economy, Wars, Healthcare = MORE Taxes ( Cost Segregation helps REDUCE Taxes)The United States is in a place now where the government is in need of MORE funds in order to deliver on The Economy The Auto Industry Banks War in Iraq War in Afghanistan Healthcare Green Jobs Education Blah...blah....
HOW (can Cost Seg be better than Lotto?):Hypothetically, if someone came up to you with a wheel barrow full of CA$H and told you that it was FOR YOU! The money would be distributed over a 3-5 year period, but is most cases Year1 comes with a Big Bang of cash ( some call it Catchup Provision). No ...

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