Glocal #4 "The 18 Mile Rule™" One of the great mysteries of the rain forest resides six miles east of Manaus, Brazil on the Amazon River.   This phenomenon of physics brings a global lesson to possibly every local organization, group and individual who look at it and think about the higher meanin...
Glocal #3 Brazil, Coffee, Certified Fair Trade "Thinking Global Acting Local" lessons continue as we journey up the Amazon River. Confronting The Coffee Crises: On our way to Brazil, the largest coffee exporter in the world, we had the opportunity to listen to Lee Gross explain his Masters resear...
Where in the world is Dominica? We are in the Caribbean at an island called Dominica at the port of Rouseau on Domingo. Frankly speaking, I had never heard of the island of Dominica prior to this trip around the world on Semester At Sea so everything we learned was new to us! Dominica named a, “B...
Thinking Globally Acting Locally is the theme of the Spring 2011 Semester at Sea Voyage. The participants are learning about the new term "glocal."  Taking the lessons we are learning from around the globe and applying the message to our local community is taking us "glocal." Traveling around the...
Glocal #1 Thinking Global Acting Local It's Carra Riley here live from Nassau, Bahamas on my voyage around the world! The vision for me in this trip is to “Connect The Dots Around The World.” I had no preconceived idea of how any of the dots would start to connect but they have already started to...
The Beginning: Where In The World Is Carra Riley? It’s 4 a.m. in the morning…..…la.. Elton John sings on in my mind.  My husband Tom and I are in the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina in Charlotte Douglas International Airport . Carra writing first blog post for SAS The reality of the j...
Let The Games Begin: Play "Where In The World Is Carra Riley?" Carra Riley is a writer, speaker, small business and real estate consultant going on a 104 day voyage around the world on Semester at Sea with her husband Tom. They live in Williams, Arizona and are taking their local community with t...
Thank You Activerain For Teaching LOCAL Awareness! Spending the last two years creating blog posts and videos about my community has been a rewarding activity.  Not only have I gained an appreciation for everything our area had to offer I became involved with the community leaders and am now read...
1-1-11 News Announcing: Cosmic Cow Pie...The Rome Way! What's that you say?  Yes, this is exciting, Margaret Rome is joining the Cosmic Cow Pie group as a group founder/moderator and will be contributing and commenting to create an "E" group of Exceptional Bloggers making a difference in how Real...
  A  big Thank you to Margaret Rome for sharing this BRILLIANT idea about creating a master key template for your assorted keys! This principle can work for ALL keys and in any circumstance where you have different keys to keep track of! Margaret is a top producer in the Baltimore, Maryland area ...

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