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How to Specialize in REOs, Make Money, and Still Have a Life! By Bob Corcoran By now you might feel like you've heard it all about REO. No doubt, REO has had its 15 minutes of fame and then some. And it continues to command attention. But one thing you may not have heard about the REO life is tha...
Success is more than money -- achieving the lifestyle you want By Bob Corcoran Welcome to philosophy 101. Yes, it's time for a little introspection - mirror time, a closer look at numero uno. I know its summer and the busy season for real estate is in full swing, but hang with me for at least the...
Four words I always tell agents to focus on (and for good reason, they're how you make money) are listing, selling, negotiating and prospecting. They're what I call dollar-productive activities for agents. Do those well and you'll produce dollars. But the one word you have to do first and do righ...
By Bob Corcoran, Corcoran Consulting & Coaching The numbers are nearly inconceivable and they continue to rise. A recent report by the Congressional Oversight Panel created in 2008 to monitor financial markets and those who regulate them, found that each month, roughly 250,000 new foreclosures ar...
By Bob Corcoran It's a vitally important statistic every serious real estate agent and broker should memorize: Eighty-seven percent of all home buyers and 94 percent of buyers aged 25 to 44 years use the Internet to search for homes, says the National Association of Realtors. So the question you ...
By Bob Corcoran Everyone who knows me knows I'm a positive thinker. I always - and I mean always - see the glass half full. Yes, some days that's a little harder than others. There's been an avalanche of negative media attention on real estate over the last couple of years.  If you paid close att...
It's hard to believe that 2010 is wrapping up so quickly!  Thanksgiving is almost here and before you know it, Christmas and New Year's will be upon us.  As we enter into the holiday season, start thinking about how you are going to celebrate the holidays with all of your clients.  This is a GREA...
Bubba Mills of REO Fame and Bob Corcoran the systems guru will be hosting a FREE teleconference call on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 12th at 11:00 am CST (9:00am PST/12pm EST).  You do not want to miss this call!  Are you intersted in learning about the REO business?  Are you just curious about Bob and Bubba?...
I have been honored by being nominated as one of the top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders in America. I would appreciate it if you would click on the link and vote for me! Thanks ahead of time for your vote of confidence!
We are well into the 4th quarter and want to remind you to make sure that you are PROACTIVE and review P&L statements for appropriate cuts to your budgets.  Also, it is imperative to keep your motivation level high and to make sure that they are working on your business DAILY!