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Everyone here is both internet-savvy and real estate savvy, so I figured this would be the perfect place to ask. I have recently created a new lead referral service. It's located at The general idea of what I'm trying to create is an open, transparent, i...
Greetings everyone, this is my first ActiveRain blog post -- and I hope it will be one of many. I am super excited to introduce to everyone here a relatively new service that I have developed at The goal of this website is to create an internet marketplace for real estate s...

Dan Alman

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I'm hoping to find people interested in working with me on The internet's first true marketplace for real estate services. I believe it's the internet's best place to find a realtor and to find high quality leads that are not over-sold. I'm the founder, and want to be as transparent as possible about the whole process. Please visit the website or contact me if you have any questions.