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Wondering where to buy on Cape Cod or How to Sell...I am your Realtor for life...the Coolest Realtor on Cape Cod.
This is addressed to my new first time home buyers who have been worrying about the mortgage process... there is not a lot of mystery to it...but you do have some homework to take care of before you can apply for a mortgage.    Time to get organized ... and HAVE YOUR PAPERWORK READY:  W2 (2 YEAR...
This week I wrote Mother's Day Cards to many women who I have worked with in the last 10 years.   Why Not?   I am certain my cards were unexpected.  I know from the response they were well received.   Even the women who are not Mother's by Biology were thrilled to hear from me and to be acknowled...
 I have found that pre listing packages and a request for information prior to the actual appointment engages the home owner and starts our partnership out on the right foot.    I usually include information about my company and me.   I also ask for them to prepare some home work items prior to o...
  1. Too Low an Offer You would be surprised at how many dream homes are lost because of the buyer's inability to move a little on price, terms, or concessions. Remember that $5000 in today's loan market increases your monthly investment $35.82 per month - the cost of an average dinner out and ha...
     The property values, and thus the equity, which homeowners possess in their properties across Cape Cod and the Commonwealth have in the last few years reached new heights.  This newfound wealth can be advantageous for parties seeking home equity loans or selling their property.  However, equ...
First Quarter Results show median prices are down 18% Single Family Homes                                   2008      2009 Total sales Cape Cod    1155       846 Upper Cape  Sales         211        121 Average price       $259,000     $200,000    
Sellers Costs:   Barnstable County Costs to Selling your HOME!  Taxes:  The State, County and Town take a total $5.70 per $1,000.00 /sale price Legal Fees:  $500- $1,000 Depending on the nature of the transaction.  Deed prep and recording, discharging of the mortgage, paying any betterments on th...
U.S. Postage Rate Increase I know this has been posted before... but just in case you missed it! Did you hear.... Rates are going up May 11th on postage! Click for:  New Postal Rates This is a sign of the times... with every one using on line billing and payment...the USPS has lost money.   Stamp...
 Women Celebrate... Mother's Day is your day to rule... Here are some priceless quotes about women and mothers... Celebrate... this sunday is your day! The real religion of the world comes from women much more than from men - from mothers most of all, who carry the key of our souls in their bosom...
"If you build it, they will come" reminds me of the baseball movie, Field of Dreams.   I use that way of thinking when I work with buyers and sellers.... "if you want it, we will close".   I believe in attracting closings.   Closing is my state of mind.   From closing on negotiating with my husba...

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